Zcoin Exchanges: Make Privacy Real in Transparent World

What Is Zcoin?

What Is It that Makes Zcoin (XYZ) So Attractive for Users?

Won’t Zcoin Be Used by Criminals?

Is that a sufficient motivation to spend money on this coin?

How many Zcoin will ever be in circulation?

What does the XZC Price Depend On?

  • XZC supply — taking into account the 21.4 million limits, once the supply will diminish the market can expect the growing interest for Zcoins.
  • Zcoin mining — higher rates and additional regulations for miners make Zcoin mining not preferable for many people. As consequence, available coins can bring higher incomes to their owners
  • Listings on exchanges — the history of cryptocurrencies shows that the price of the coin significantly increases after the listing on a famous exchange like Binance. The same will be true for the Zcoin price. The existent value can grow up to 100% after the favorable listing.

Zcoin Price Prediction For 2020

  • Trading Beast — predicts that the price of the coin will fluctuate between $4.6–5.7 till the end of 2020. The projected cost for the year-end is around $5–5.5.
  • Trading View — expects Zcoin’s price to show 70% growth in 2020 in comparison to 2019. Taking into account the rise of the coin in the second part of 2020, this forecast seems quite viable.
  • Wallet Investor — follows the bearish trend in its forecast. Observing the growth of price up to $9.5 in February, they have predicted the current drop in price until the fourth quarter of 2020 with the potential renewal of the growth trend until the year-end. In case the turnaround is successful, in December we can expect the price rise to the level experienced at the year-beginning.

Long Term Price Prediction for XZC

Where to buy XZC?

Wrap Up



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