Who Accepts Bitcoin — 2020

4 min readJul 27, 2020

Every crypto user faces the questions — “how can I spend my Bitcoins without exchanging it for fiat money.” We reviewed some stores and services and created a list of Bitcoin merchants, who are brave and progressive enough to accept Bitcoin in 2020.

The main idea you will recognize from this review — the number of Bitcoin merchants continuously grows, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and global lockdown. According to an HSB cyber survey, at least 36% of small-medium businesses in the USA accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Global enterprises mostly avoid the payment in cryptocurrencies. However, the most prominent of them have already made a significant step to becoming the Bitcoin merchants.

What Businesses do accept Bitcoin

As you can guess, most companies who trust the cryptocurrencies, offer digital products and services. However, you can also buy with crypto some fast food, like pizza or burgers, clothes in online outlets, auto services, and even pay for space travel. Of course, the full list of Bitcoin merchants would take too much space, so we use just some well-known names and brands.

Websites and Online Media

If you want to donate, the most giant online encyclopedia Wikipedia accepts Bitcoin as a legitimate source of funds.

The initial enthusiasm of IT typhoon Microsoft diminished after “crypto winter 2018”, and they refused most of the cryptocurrencies but still accepted Bitcoins with some limitations.

Try to buy some music from iTunes with Bitcoin — Apple is not a Bitcoin merchant, but the music service is exclusionary.

Prolong your Playboy subscription paying with Bitcoin — a spirit of Hugh Hefner will thank you.

Microblogging services Reddit and 4Chan, outstanding content service PirateBay, hundreds of gaming websites, hosting and SEO companies, dating services, and other internet services are available for Bitcoin. Just try.

Shoes, Clothes, Watches, and Jewelry

You cannot pay on Amazon with cryptocurrency directly, but you can buy the gift certificate on the third-party service, and then use it to get the items you need.

The large online retailer Overstock accepts Bitcoin. So, you can buy not only digital goods but also material things: clothes, jewelry, etc.

Officially favorite platform for hand-made goods, Etsy is not a Bitcoin merchant. However, the vendors can include Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to the list of payment methods.

Online marketplace Bay does not accept cryptocurrencies at all. Sorry.

There are also numerous Bitcoin merchants among the smaller shops, which offer fashion goods.


Of course, you cannot enter any KFC restaurant and buy some chicken for BTC. Only in some countries you can order KFC food and pay with Bitcoin, and the proposition is often limited like it was during the promo action in Canada.

Subway is another globally wide fast food network that accepts Bitcoin.

Sometimes the company, which is not a Bitcoin merchant, allows crypto payment under some circumstances. For example, Venezuela suffers from the most profound economic recession; the country even stopped producing the national currency — sovereign bolivar. So, Burger King announced the partnership with crypto services in this country to allow people to buy some food.

The real fans of the crypto market can search for small specialized Bitcoin merchants in the food industry. However, never try to pay with Bitcoin in Starbucks.

Travel & Booking Service

Expedia is a large online platform for travelers that offers flight deals and accepts Bitcoins. Perfect!

It is also possible to buy flight tickets from the air carriers directly. Try Polish LOT and Norwegian Air Shuttle, the first Bitcoins merchants on this market.

Surprisingly, the famous businessman Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Airlines, allows paying for space travel with cryptocurrencies.

Hotels usually reject cryptocurrencies as a payment method, but Spanish network One Shot Hotels would be happy to accept your Bitcoin.


Miami Dolphins, Dallas Mavericks, There is no sense to provide the full list of Bitcoin merchants among the sports brands: it constantly changes. Just check your favorite team: probably you can donate, buy a ticket, or get some merchandise online by Bitcoin.

If you want to purchase something from the store that does not accept Bitcoin, you can try the BTC debit card. Several companies in different regions offer the card you can load with BTC. However, remember the service costs money and check the service fees carefully.

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My favorite shop does not accept Bitcoin!

Probably, you did not find your favorite brand or service in this list. Don’t feel upset. Try to contact these guys and ask about Bitcoins. The growing demand can push more businesses to the crypto world, and you can contribute to the process.

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