What is Sanshu Inu (SANSHU)? SANSHU token overview

What’s Sanshu Inu?

How SANSHU crypto Works

Thanks to this, the coin is able to generate passive income for its holders.

The idea is that supply will drop over time as more Sanshu Inu are burned. According to basic economics, when supply falls, prices inevitably rise. For quite some time, the deflationary token should become more valuable. The main question is whether these tokens will survive or disappear into obscurity.

Sanshu Inu Features


Sanshui Inu is a completely decentralized network of transactions focused on the community. Also, Sanshu is the backbone of a diffraction meme that rewards holders for every transaction they make on its network. The development team behind the Coin meme sets itself apart from other joke coins by burning 100% of the liquidity pool and 100% of the development wallet. They also gave up ownership of the protocol, making it publicly available.


Sanshu Inu differs from other tokens in that it is community-owned and run by a fair launch without a reserved token, team and big whales. The largest wallet currently accounts for only 1.3%.


Sanshu Inu Finance recently introduced its Dogpark farming platform for meme-type coins. Sanshu’s platform allows to stake the popular meme coins, such as SHIBA, DOGE or SASHU, and earn a meme-based index fund token (MFUND). This way Dogpark offers an opportunity for both stakers and miners. And unlike other staking pools, Dogpark players can receive rewards at any time. Dogpark Single Stake rewards are calculated per block.

Will Sanshu Inu reach 1 cent?

Digital Coin Price suggests that in 2028 the price of Sanshu Inu could rise by 300%. So it can bring some long-term benefits.

International Business Times predicts that it may not reach the one cent mark until 2030.

The fact is that the cryptocurrency market no longer operates entirely on finance, but also needs marketing and people’s approval. For Sanshu Inu to achieve a $1 trillion market cap, it must remain popular for many years, never fade away, show continuous growth, convince investors that it has the power, innovate, propose solutions, and receive celebrity endorsements.

Considering all these factors of growth, we come to the conclusion that it is almost impossible for Sasha to achieve this goal in the near future, and, perhaps, it will not be able to reach the 1 cent mark at least in this decade.

How and Where to Buy SANSHU?

SANSHU’s Future


Sanshu Inu is still a tiny cryptocurrency, but it has enough followers to become the next hottest cryptocurrency. And judging by the fact that it continues to work on new projects, we see that the platform is actively developing. All these can predict a bright future for Sanshu Inu. It is possible, however, that it will fail like most meme coins.

Whatever it was, this cryptocurrency is really very cheap and maybe it could be the most cost-effective investment of your life in the future, which will fly to something big.



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