What is a project Zilliqa (ZIL)?

5 min readDec 16, 2021


The Zilliqa coin joins the list of top thirty coins on the market nowadays, according to one of the most reputable price-tracking websites. It is actually the native currency of the Zilliqa blockchain. The latter constitutes a pretty decent competitor to Ethereum. It is sharding-oriented, enables dApps and smart contracts for different business needs. In other words, the project might seem attractive for the investors, and so is the coin itself. If you’re about to diversify your portfolio with it, make sure you know enough. Take a look.

Zilliqa (ZIL) Cryptocurrency. Market evaluation

At present, the worth of the token constitutes $0,083359. The price dropped by 2.40% on the last day. The market cap is $963 305 903, which puts the currency in eighty-second place. The overall supply is 11 556 114 927 ZIL coins, herewith, the max one is 21 000 000 000 ZIL coins.

Now, what is Zilliqa? It is an open and public blockchain with free and easy access. It stands out for the high performance of transactions per second. The venture strives to tackle the scalability and speed issues by applying sharding. It should become a solution to the second-tier scaling. Users can find different dApps here, staking and yield farming opportunities.

The project started in 2017, and the testnet began to work in spring 2018. In 2019, the platform rolled out the mainnet. What is Zilliqa crypto? The Zilliqa coin is a native utility one and is employed to execute all the transactions within the system, including smart contracts.

The team says that it is really the first open-source blockchain that is fully sharding-oriented. This adds to higher throughput and fast transactions, which improves scalability. As every shard handles transactions separately when the network extends and so does the number of shards, the quantity of transactions that can be held per second also boosts. Additionally, logs are added instantly to the blockchain after the processing, which means that no extra time for approval is required.

The project aims to become a go-to blockchain for corporations that deal with ads, entertainment, gaming, finance, etc. When the team released the paper, it stated that the platform would challenge traditional payments methods like VISA and MasterCard. Now, let’s find out where to buy Zilliqa.

Where to buy a Zilliqa coin?

Anyone can purchase the token through many services out there. Besides, there are over forty marketplaces for this currency. So, here are the ways to do it hassle-free:

  • get ZIL for other digital money or ETH and BTC. Thousands of brokers or centralized exchanges sell the coin. You can get it with BTC, ETH, or USDT. On exchanges, you can swap one crypto for another by paying an exchange commission. Many of them do not even ask for personal data.
  • using bank transfer or wire one. Many services allow using fiat currency to purchase the Zilliqa coin. These are namely crypto wallets that accept fiat currency where users deposit or transfer money and purchase needed coins from that card. (Find out how to deposit Zilliqa within each specific service). Also, people can buy ZIL in fiat pairs.
  • by the intermediary of decentralized exchanges. The great bonus here is that they don’t ask for personal information and don’t do verifications. Herewith, you can easily control holdings on such platforms.

Now, you know where to buy Zilliqa coins. Let’s get to know if you can do it with a card.

Can I use the card to buy a Zilliqa coin?

It’s absolutely easy to buy Zilliqa with the card. Usually, you pick the needed coin in the dropdown menu and fiat currency to purchase with. Then, you indicate the number of coins you’re willing to get in the end. The final step is to enter payment card information and confirm the transaction.

Another option to get the token is depositing funds to your Zilliqa exchange balance with the card and placing an order. First, you need to choose an available market that trades ZIL. Do a little research and check the recent price, investigate price charts, order book, trading volume, etc.

When you’re about to buy Zilliqa, first decide on the market and limit order. The market one cannot be recalled and you cannot establish the desired price to purchase the coin as the order execution starts immediately.

You can cancel a limit order and establish the worth you want. However, it’s not usually executed immediately. It might take time for the price to reach an indicated level. Or, you can wait until another order shows up in the order book to meet your level. Anyway, you should find a trustworthy platform to work with!

What do you need to know when buying a Zilliqa coin?

All cryptos are volatile and investments in it — risky and unpredictable. Besides, there’s not necessarily a connection between the value of the token and the advancement of the blockchain. Here are a few aspects to consider before you decide to buy Zilliqa:

  • Peak supply will be achieved when the number constitutes 21 million coins.
  • Sharding makes the blockchain stand out from the pack thanks to mainnet and a high-performance throughput.
  • While many projects come without white paper, this one comes with it. Check it out.
  • Compelling partnerships. Developers teamed up with Mindshare, a reputable media, and marketing agency.

Now, you know how to buy Zilliqa and where. In any way, every single investor, newbie, or a seasoned one, needs to do their own research and assess if the project is worth attention and the token — your money.


Four years ago, the project got the equivalent of $12 million in exchange for its brand new ZIL token. First and foremost, it aims to support a so-called Zilliqa economy. At present, it is the currency for getting rewards, commissions and executing smart contracts. Besides this, it’s just another crypto on the market. People worldwide can do any manipulation traders do with cryptocurrencies, keeping in mind that their worth is defined by market demand.

Finally, before jumping into the game, make sure you deal with a trustworthy exchange and wallet that is a safe haven for them. Consider hardware wallet as the best option. Happy Zilliqa deals!