What Altcoins to Mine

Altcoins profitability check

  1. Cryptocurrency price. Always consider the price before deciding to mine altcoins. In the short-term perspective, the more expensive the coin is, the more beneficial its mining will be. Otherwise, experienced miners also want to mine promising, up-and-coming altcoins to get the profit in the long run.
  2. Halvings and rewards for blocks. In 2020, it became less cost-effective to mine altcoins because of the underrated rewards. Thus, users often decide to make prior research to estimate whether the potential expenditures on mining equipment could be paid off by the profit received.
  3. Block creation times. Miners have a better likelihood of getting compensated for a discovered block if the platform creates a lot of blocks.
  4. Mining complexity. In 2020, it becomes even more challenging to mine altcoins which can be explained by a growing number of miners willing to join the community. At the same time, there are still a lot of promising channels on how to mine altcoins and profitable strategies to consider. Check WhatToMine.com to get more insights on how to mine altcoins to receive the best reward.
  5. Performance of your equipment. Make sure to select the most appropriate equipment that corresponds to the type of coin and the preferred strategy that you have picked to mine altcoins. Hypothetically, the capacity of mining machinery should be gradually expanded, but in practice, it is too costly to regularly purchase new GPUs. Thus, it is important to estimate the long-term perspectives of the particular equipment and how efficiently it will mine altcoins. In most cases, the difficulty of mining is steadily increasing and the equipment is meant to give up its value over time.
  6. Electricity bills. It is essential to know the electricity prices in your country as the cheaper the electricity is, the more beneficial mining will be. While it is very beneficial to mine altcoins Venezuela due to low electricity costs, mining in South Korea might not be the best idea.

The top altcoins worth mining

Grin (GRIN)

ZCash (ZEC)

RavenCoin (RVN)

Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Choosing the best altcoins to mine

Is it possible to withdraw your mined coins to fiat?

Is it legal?



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