Top 10 ICOs That Achieved the Biggest Return on Investment

What Is an ICO?

Top 10 ICOs That Achieved The Highest ROI











Upcoming ICOs in 2020

  • YOUengine — A platform that will “transform the world of digital marketing.” The ICO will start on August 2 and end on September 18;
  • EasyFeedback Token — People who provide constructive feedback to improve products and services can be rewarded with this cryptocurrency. The ICO for this idea will start on August 31 and end on December 15;
  • Finxflo — This project aims to become a global brokerage for cryptocurrencies and aggregate all the crypto exchange leaders in one place. The ICO starts on July 15 and ends on January 15, 2021.

What Are the Risks Associated with Investing in ICOs?

  • Fertile ground for fraudsters — many ICOs were scams with no other intention than to make you transfer your money to their accounts and disappear;
  • Anonymity covers criminal money — Cybercriminals can use ICOs and get away with it due to the anonymous nature of the process. This would not be possible if you used fiat methods such as a credit card or e-wallet;
  • ICOs are not regulated — No official regulatory body really controls this sort of investment, and some supervisors even openly warn about risks related to them.




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