Top 10 crypto Telegram channels
5 min readDec 21, 2020

Discover the best cryptocurrency groups on Telegram for updated information and details on how to trade. Grow from a newbie to an expert in crypto trades and learn how to use signals to your advantage.

Here’s a short refresher on cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized form of currency (not controlled by any government or bank), which is digital. Cryptocurrency is based on a technology called Blockchain, which is extremely difficult to alter. For many years, the Telegram instant messaging application has been a go-to platform for cryptocurrency traders. First of all, it is a simple way to get connected to the community. Secondly, for many crypto companies, it is convenient to maintain great customer relations and publicize their business in Telegram cryptocurrency groups.

Telegram channels are also more effective in dissipating information about cryptocurrency deals as opposed to a particular cryptocurrency company’s website. Members of Telegram channels have the chance to make inquiries directly, receive signals, or lodge complaints to admins, and expect replies that will come quicker than when made on websites.

Why are Signals Great for Traders?

Signals are setups that cryptocurrency traders use to achieve better and more profitable results in their transactions. These signals are not created by bots but are based on a careful tracking of transactions in the market and the study of the trend. Ordinarily, traders can learn about the crypto market by reading related news articles or price charts and using this information as a basis for their trades.

However, not all crypto traders have the luxury of time to sit and stare at their computers for hours in order to determine the best time to make a trade. This is where signals come in handy. Crypto experts share signals on their Telegram channels that both new and existing traders can use for more profitable trades. Joining these groups helps people save time in the long run because they do not have to study the charts themselves.

Hence, the aim of trading signals is solely to help traders make more accurate and dependable forecasts for future changes in the crypto market. It is another way to understand how the market is working by actually learning more about current trends. Signals from Telegram channels give you more intel so that you can earn more cryptocurrency.

Why Is Telegram A Good Choice for Crypto Signals?

The application has become an ideal place to get crypto signals and increase the coins in your possession because there is a high number of cryptocurrency traders and groups on it. Telegram channels can support as many as 300,000 people, and thus, it is easy to distribute information to a large audience at once. Furthermore, Telegram is more private than most instant messaging applications. Thus, there are more, and better messaging bots in Telegram than in popular applications like WhatsApp. These bots can help channel admins generate broadcast messages and share them with the audience in their groups.

Top 10 Telegram Channels for Cryptocurrency

IEO Pools

This Telegram crypto channel is one of the most popular on the platform and boasts an audience of over 246,000 active subscribers. Members of this group are taught how to get investors that will trade tokens of private projects. In a short while, you would have a good understanding of how to promote your crypto projects and attract the attention of investors you find. Also, you will become great at building relationships with your partners and know how to maximize profit.

In a nutshell, this Telegram channel provides users with up-to-date news and IEO reviews, the opportunity to become a partner in the sale of digital coins, an avenue to promote and market a crypto business, and a platform to sell their tokens.

ICO Speaks RU

This is a Russian cryptocurrency community that users have found highly informative. It is a place where crypto enthusiasts share their coin mining or trading experiences, participate in sweepstakes, place bets, and win some digital coins. Also, news on the crypto market can be found there as well as a review of various coins, signal services, and trading platforms like Godex. This Telegram group is especially useful for newbies because they will receive instructions on how to carry out trades and make a profit on whichever coin they use.

ICO Speaks News

There are at least 290,000 active users of this Telegram channel, and it is a reliable place to get current information about the events in the cryptocurrency business. Although the messages here are not too frequent, they are always useful and worth checking out. Furthermore, the messages are structured so that newbies have no problem understanding whatever is set forth. Traders can get IEO and ICO reviews, explore info on Blockchain, and can also sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other types of coins on the platform.

BTC Champ

This is one of the fast-rising cryptocurrency channels and is mostly used by miners of Bitcoin since it is the most known digital coin. People who join this group would also have the chance to make a profit alongside the admins by investing in fresh projects. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to sell cryptos and make some money. Moreover, you will have access to regular cryptocurrency information and articles which will include currency exchange rates as well as honest opinions of successful people in the business.


Traders get regularly updated with the new digital coins, forks, or fiat money managers breaking into the scene. This way, people can be early investors in these cryptocurrencies or projects and make gain later on.

The Crypto Room

This Telegram channel is the avenue to engage in discussions on crypto trading. So, you won’t just read information and be a passive onlooker. It is well balanced because there is no overflow of messages, that’s why users can focus and carefully read through threads.

ICO Analytics

This channel focuses more on infographics so users can quickly extract all the needed information without poring through multiple lines of text. The infographics contain the performance of token exchanges and ROIs on token sales. Furthermore, there is regularly updated news on the cryptocurrency world in general.

ICO Drops

Here, group members can also find figures, which are useful to people who want a summary of exchange rates and the growth ratio of digital coin values. Also, there is information on the cryptocurrency industry alongside custody solutions and SEC enforcement details in this Telegram channel.

If you need regular press releases, articles that analyze the events around cryptocurrency, and up-to-date economic news, this Telegram channel is the place for you. There are 39,500 active users. Additionally, you will get details on ICOs.


This is a hub for crucial cryptocurrency events. However, the information posted on the group does not have links accompanying it. Hence, this form of information is more tuned towards people that do not want to dig deep for more details and are fine with just daily summaries. Also, there are price charts on cryptocurrencies available and regularly updated.

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Cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming more and more popular because almost everything in the present day is digital. Telegram channels make it convenient for traders to be regularly informed on crypto news, signals, and information. So, interested people should not hesitate to join one of the groups above and start making a profit on their favorite digital coins, participate in airdrops, and support new crypto projects.

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