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9 min readMay 19, 2021

We are sure you know exactly what memes are and how popular they are on the Internet. However, for 100% accuracy, we have to explain that memes are humorous Internet images that have received a lot of virality and are used to make fun of themselves, someone or some topic.

In the crypto world, memes play a very significant role. So important that sometimes it’s hard to believe. However, it is worth remembering at least the case of how the Internet meme Dogecoin became a real currency that broke into the market and is now successfully developing and growing in price.

In addition, memes have become an excellent way to communicate the crypto world with the general Internet space, as an interesting and simple way to convey the philosophy and features of the crypto world to ordinary users of the network who are still not familiar with digital currencies.

For several years of active development and Internet distribution of the crypto world, many memes have appeared, which have become popular and iconic. Let’s look at the main ones.

Crypto memes with Crypto Traders

Memes are divided into different categories, but the 2 main ones are memes about traders and memes directly about Bitcoin. We can say that these are the two most popular topics. Let’s look at the brightest representatives of both categories. And let’s start with the best crypto memes about traders.

A very popular meme that adapts to different areas — the way different people see a particular person, profession. About traders, it turned out to be especially vital. Check it out:

The term HODL appeared as a result of a typo by one of the participants of the popular crypto forum On December 8, 2013, the bitcoin exchange rate fell rapidly — in 10 days, the currency lost half of its value. However, an investor under the nickname Gamekyuubi decided not to sell his currency and published a post with the title I AM HODLING instead of I AM HOLDING.

Later, the author of the post admitted that he accidentally misspelled it, but the writing of HODL has already gone viral. From a meme, the word has turned into a term that denotes both the investment strategy and the owners of cryptocurrency (primarily bitcoin). A hodler is someone who has survived at least one panic attack or price collapse, does not sell coins under any circumstances, and also ignores price spikes, market crashes, and political news.

Technically, you kind of lost your money — a meme that came about as a result of crypto blogger Trevon James’ statement. He recorded a video to defend the legitimacy of the Bitconnect project, but in it he also dropped the phrase: “Technically, you kind of lost your money.” Now it is used to identify would-be investors who lose their money as a result of participating in dubious and fraudulent projects.

“I’m in for the tech” is the answer-an excuse for investors who have invested in altcoins, which are now losing in price. The insincerity of such an ovtet turned into a very popular meme. The meme is associated with a photo of the “golden man” — a real Indian who bought a shirt made of 3 kg of gold for $ 250,000. Unfortunately, this is also a sad story, because according to the news, he was robbed and killed.

Crypto-wojak is an extremely popular meme that does not originate in the crypto industry at all. Initially, this is a free mocking image of a Polish soldier, which was created by a British user under the nickname Falco to annoy a user from Poland under the nickname Wojak. In the crypto world, a meme conveys the emotional experiences of an investor that he experiences during a change in the exchange rate of the currency in which he invested. When the price rises, the Wojjak rejoices and turns green. When the price drops, he blushes and gets angry accordingly.

These are just a few of the many memes that have appeared over the years of the development of the crypto world. If you spend time on forums or in crypto communities, you are probably aware of all the newest and most used memes. Nevertheless, we want to highlight a selection of great memes about Bitcoin that have appeared on the Internet.

Cryptocurrency memes Bitcoin theme

Memes about Bitcoin should be put in a separate list, as this is the very first and at the same time the most popular and valuable digital coin. Accordingly, about her created the largest number of Internet memes that are worth your attention.

Magical Internet money. This image was invented and drawn very quickly in MS Paint to advertise a board about Bitcoin on Raddit. Soon it became the most popular and caused a very significant increase in the price of the currency. All novice traders and anyone interested in learning more about Bitcoin have followed through on this affable but slightly crudely rendered wizard. To some extent, it has become a symbol of the global crypto movement and is considered a truly legendary meme crypto.

Stack Sats. The smallest unit of a dollar is a penny and if you save up a lot of pennies, they’ll add up! A satoshi is the smallest unit of a bitcoin, equivalent to 100 millionth of a bitcoin. Just like dollars, bitcoins can be split into smaller units to ease and facilitate transactions of different amounts. The “satoshi” was named after the founder, or founders, of bitcoin, known as Satoshi Nakamoto. “Stacking sats” refers to collecting as many satoshi’s as possible. The term “stack sats” was originally tweeted by a person from the Bitcoin community. It all started as a meme. But over time, the term began to be mentioned more and more often in ordinary correspondence and tweets. Gradually, it became a popular phrase among the Bitcoin community.

The guy with the Bitcoin sign. This meme has become one of the most interesting and memorable. The guy from this meme needed a little to go down in history: a pen, paper, and a little savvy. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen was speaking at a meeting in the US Congress on the country’s Central Bank. And everything went as usual, but soon behind her, the guy picked up a small piece of paper on which was written “Buy Bitcoin”. This not only became an incredibly popular meme, but also became viral — this method was later repeated in different places around the world in the most unexpected moments.

Lambo. It is quite understandable why the luxury car has become a kind of symbol of Bitcoin holders. Of course, it is not clear why the crypto community chose Lamborghini out of all the options.

But the fact is: major crypto exchange players love lambo. This is a kind of symbol, a powerful statement about Bitcoin as an investment asset that gives access to such luxury. Notably, Lambo dealers reported a correlation between rising BTC prices and the number of sports cars sold.

The actions of the US government to save the economy by giving free money to everyone gave rise to a meme. In March 2020, Twitter user @femalelandlords posted a picture of a zoomer in an anarcho-capitalist bow tie pleading with a boomer representing the US Federal Reserve not to pump the economy with newly printed money, to which he received the response: “money printer go brrr”.

Best crypto memes 2021

Folk art does not stop, and taking into account recent events and increased attention to Bitcoin and in general to cryptocurrencies, we can note an increase in the mass of new crypto memes. Let’s laugh at the most interesting ones.

It’s Too Late to Buy BTC. Remember how often you or your friends uttered phrases like: “I should have bought Bitcoin earlier”, “Why did I sell Bitcoin in 2018?” and the like. These regrets have reached really massive proportions, especially in recent months, when Bitcoin is breaking record after record. Therefore, this expression has become a popular meme in the crypto world.

The rapid growth of the BTC exchange rate since December 2020 has forced many coin holders to recall several tokens that lie in their wallets. However, not everyone could remember the password. This meme is based on the real but very sad story of Stefan Thomas. You may have already heard of it.

He has 7002 BTC stored in his wallet, which currently exceeds $ 440 million. At the time of the creation of this meme, the amount was $ 220 million. However, Thomas can’t remember his password. Another problem is that the number of password attempts is limited. And all this amount of money can be lost forever. Wish Thomas good luck.

Trust Issues. This meme concerns DeFi projects that are based on Ethereum, but quite often do not deserve the attention of investors, being almost a dummy. This meme warns that you need to study every DeFi project very carefully, so as not to lose money.

Meme with crypto coins

Of course, perhaps the most popular crypto coin meme in history is . The coin was founded as a “joke coin”. The creator, Bill Marcus, created it because he was tired of associating cryptocurrencies with something complicated and technical. So he took a meme about a Shiba Inu dog as a basis and issued a coin. The crypto community supported him so much that the project exists and is still developing successfully. Reddit reports that in 2021, once again, information support increased the exchange rate of the coin, strengthening its position.

Also In 2021, the Ripple coin suffers from the attacks of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They accuse the project of holding unregistered securities worth $ 1.3 billion. This very seriously brought down the cost of XPR, and according to some statements, it can destroy the entire project. However, very recent events give hope for a successful resolution of the situation. Although in any case, the crypto community has already responded with memes to the situation.

Fresh crypto memes collection

And finally, we want to add a few more interesting new crypto memes for you. We hope it will give you pleasure and make you laugh.

Today, all the main news and memes in the crypto world revolve around all the new records of Bitcoin. Therefore, being aware of current memes is one of the ways to keep track of information in the crypto world.