Step by Step Guide How to Exchange Crypto Fast & Secure with
3 min readJun 15, 2020


People, who are involved in any crypto business often need a reliable exchange service to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Here are three main reasons for such exchange:

  • Selling crypto coins for fiat money to spend it outside the crypto world;
  • Purchasing cryptocurrencies by fiat money as a type of investment;
  • Exchange one coin for another., fast and safe online service, helps to change one coin to another on the best rate and with no exchange limit.

What people wait from a crypto exchange platform


It is impossible to predict which exchange service is available in your country. So, before starting the exchange process, please check the service. For example, open the website and try to navigate from one page to another. If everything goes ok, you can proceed with the exchange operation.


Some services require a sort of ID verification from the user. However, you cannot check if they can keep it safe and protect your data. To avoid identity theft, you better choose the services that exchange money without registration.


The exchange rate for a chosen currency pair can vary from services to services. To get the best price, collects data about the current exchange rates from various provides.


The reliable service makes its clients happy. You can always check this by searching for a service on the Internet or reading the reviews.


Step by step guide

The process of exchange is very easy.

Choose the currency pair. In the field “You send” select the currency you want to sell, and in the field “You get” choose another one that you’ll get after exchange.

Add your wallet number. To get the wallet number, visit the website of the chosen cryptocurrency, and create a wallet. Then copy its number to our site.

Deposit. We will create a unique deposit address for you. Send some crypto coins to

Wait. A transaction executes in 5–30 minutes, it depends on the chosen currency and the amount of money.

Enjoy. Get the benefit of the quick cryptocurrency exchange with the best rates.

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