Stellar Lumens (XLM) Price Prediction
8 min readAug 23, 2021

The last 6 months have been a very successful period for the entire crypto world. Except for the quite natural April correction, we are seeing a steady increase in the main cryptocurrency and altcoins, including the XLM coin, which has grown from $ 0.13326 to a peak of $ 0.717853 in May since January 1, 2021.

Stellar is a decentralized consensus platform. It supports any type of currency and is equipped with a built-in decentralized exchange that can be used to trade any currencies or assets (not just cryptocurrencies). In general, we can say that the project has a great similarity with such currencies as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but in fact, there is a huge difference between them. XLM presents itself as payment, unlike other cryptocurrencies.

What sets Stellar apart from other decentralized projects is its relationship with the current financial system. If Bitcoin and its followers are called an alternative to standard financial institutions, then Stellar is trying to create an environment that would unite these 2 worlds. Therefore, their platform supports all types of currencies: both fiat and crypto.

This ensures a high demand for the technology and the cryptocurrency that provides it. This in turn means a high probability of a constant increase in the price of XLM. But let’s see what the experts think about this and consider Stellar Lumens price prediction.

Stellar (XLM). A brief history of the price

The coin went on the market on August 8, 2014. Its cost at that time was only $ 0.002606. It should be noted that it did not happen to the phenomenon expected by all investors: when the price of a coin immediately after entering the market sharply increases by tens or even hundreds of times. Until 2017, XLM held at about the same level and grew only 2 times, which is not an impressive result in the world of cryptocurrencies-rather, quite good.

December 2017 was a turning point for Stellar investors. You can imagine the amount of profit if for a month XLM skyrocketed from $ 0.079741 to $ 0.708203. Unfortunately, immediately after this peak, the price seriously declined. And by March 2020, the price had returned to $ 0.038215.

Those who were not disappointed in the coin and those who saw new prospects in it did not lose-already at the end of 2020, together with the entire market, Stellar Lumens price began to increase its value. To date, the recent peak of $ 0.679957 has been reached — and we hope that a new record will be waiting for the token soon.

Today, the cryptocurrency ranks 14th place by market cap. Pretty good. But let’s see what prospects the market experts predict for the coin and what they think about its future. Should you buy XLM tokens now?

Market Stellar Lumens price prediction

Just in case, we repeat that any forecasts of the relativity of the future of any currencies do not guarantee 100% probability. This is especially true for cryptocurrencies due to their high degree of volatility. After all, despite the accuracy of technical analysis and the ability to make reasonable forecasts, something can always happen in the world and in the market that will affect the value of coins and the sphere as a whole.

This is just a small reminder that is worth keeping in mind for every investor to soberly look at the market. Now let’s move on to what hopes experts and investors have for the Stellar-Lumens project.

If you look at the big picture, it is safe to say that the market believes and places its hopes on XLM. Let’s look at a few specific forecasts from reputable sources.

Wallet Investor, which provides some of the best free technical forecasts of cryptocurrencies, states that by the end of the year, the value of the coin may well rise to $ 0.911. By the end of 2022, it could be $ 1,277, by the end of 2023 — $ 1,664, and by the end of 2024 — all of $ 2,131. In the future, Stellar Lumens price may reach $ 2.835 in 5 years, which means an increase of almost 295%. Imagine if you invest $ 100 today and the forecasts are realized.

The Economy Forecast Agency (EFA) also published its Stellar Lumens price prediction. In their opinion, the coin will overcome the $ 1 mark by the end of the year and reach the $ 1.40 mark in the future. If we consider that they gave a forecast for May in the range of $ 0.50–0.90 (which came true), then there is no reason to strongly doubt the forecast for the end of the year. Although a lot can change in the crypto world.

Coinpedia in its article on the XLM forecast for the next 5 years, noted that by the end of the year, we can expect the coin to trade within $ 0.8 to $ 1.

CryptoGround concluded that we should definitely wait for XLM to take off soon. Not the most rapid, but quite sure that it is even better. They indicate that by the end of the year, Stellar Lumens price will be $ 0.7591, and in 5 years — $ 1.3787. Moderate for cryptocurrencies, but a very significant increase in invested capital in general.

This is the “mood” in the crypto world regarding the near future of Stellar-Lumens. Experts, as you can see, do not doubt the viability and good prospects of the coin. Let’s look at what are Stellar Lumens price prediction by year.

Stellar Lumens price prediction 2021

First of all, it is important to note that the vast majority of Stellar Lumens price forecasts for the current year are positive and even mostly converge within approximately the same framework. This suggests that the market is confident in the project and gives us more reason to trust the price predictions.

If you look at all the forecasts, then for 2021, everyone predicts XLM quiet growth and reaching the $ 0.7 — $ 1.3 mark by December. EFA puts forward many optimistic scenarios for the growth of the coin — much more positive and bold than the flaky ones, which are also quite pleasant for XLM. The agency’s experts do not doubt that the price of one Stellar Lumens token is quite capable of exceeding the $ 1.4 mark within 7–8 months. This means that investors in the remaining months of 2021 can more than double their investments relative to the coin's current price.

It is equally interesting to assess the long-term perspective of the investment. Let’s see what the experts expect from the project team and what price they see in the next 5 years.

Stellar Lumens price prediction 2025

The longer the forecast, the less accurate it is. It is necessary to understand that it is quite difficult to predict events for 1–2–3–5 years ahead, because many different events can happen in the world. However, experts can rely on technical analysis, project prospects, and the possibility of technology development. And if we take the general vector of development, the predictions can be very accurate.

The Economy Forecast Agency (EFA) believes that the price of the coin may fluctuate by 2025 and gain a foothold at $ 0.8. we are more confident in the project. In their opinion, the cost of Stellar Lumens will approach or even overcome the $ 10 mark. I think all currency investors want to implement this forecast.

Wallet Investor is a little more cautious about what heights XLM will reach by 2025. They believe that the coin may well be trading by the beginning of 2026 at $ 2.621. This is an increase of more than 262% — a good profit. This means that if you invest $ 1000 today, by the end of 2025, you will have more than $ 250,000 worth of XLM coins in your crypto wallet.

We recommend that you take a closer look at the experts ‘ forecasts and think about long-term capital investment in Stellar Lumens. But before doing this, be sure to independently study the technology, information about the developers and assess the risks.

XLM Recent Price Hike

It is difficult not to believe in the coin, which has recently shown impressive results of price growth. The end of 2020 — the beginning of 2021 was very successful for Stellar Lumens for the project. From less than $ 0.1, the price rose sharply to the current $ 0.67 today, breaking the peak of $ 0.73. The increase was about 570%.

And it is quite possible to imagine that this is not the last such large-scale growth. XLM already showed such a picture on the chart at the end of 2017. We wish the project to impress the crypto world more than once with its grandiose growth.

Captianaltcoin. Will the XLM price rise?

Captianaltcoin assumed that 2021 will pass for the currency at the level of $ 0.5. However, as we can see, in the first half of the year, the price of the token has overcome this level and is still holding at a much higher mark. But there are still 7 months to go — we’ll see how things unfold for XLM. By the end of the year, they predict growth, but not passing the level of $ 1 per coin.

The long-term forecast from them is more pleasant for investors. And let’s hope that he will also be too restrained compared to the real situation. They expect that the coin will be able to strengthen its position to $ 5 per token in 2025.


What is Stellar Lumens (XLM)?

Stellar works the same way as other altcoins. In fact, it bears a close resemblance to another popular altcoin, such as Ripple (XRP). Stellar is an open-source payment technology that uses the Stellar consensus protocol, the technical characteristics of the network are almost as good as Ripple, which makes it faster and easier to send and receive funds.

For example, Sarah (the sender) wants to send her mother (the recipient), who is in China, $ 50 as a money transfer. Let’s say she chooses traditional bank transfers. In this case, it will be charged an average transaction fee of 7.1%, resulting in $ 46.25 for the final transfer, excluding currency exchange fees.

But if she chooses Stellar, it will turn her dollars into Lumens, and then the order book will turn Lumens into Yuan. Sarah’s mom can get an almost exact amount of dollars in just five seconds.

What is XLM? This is the project’s own coin, which is used internally. It performs several functions on the network, mainly it is used to pay users for transaction fees and acts as an intermediary, allowing users to trade between multiple currencies quickly, easily and at the lowest possible cost. For Lumens to work as it should, users must maintain a minimum XLM balance in their accounts.

It is worth noting that Stellar has a decentralized protocol that is built right into it. Any payment in different currencies can be sent through its order book, and the desired currency will eventually arrive.

Does Stellar Lumens have any prospects?

From all the above forecasts, it can be understood that the crypto community fully trusts the project and believes in its development. Moreover, all predictions of the long-term price of the coin indicate its growth. The project is very important and promising, the team evokes authority and shows results, which gives the confidence to think that the development will continue to be successful.

The ability to combine all types of assets and currencies on one platform is extremely necessary in modern realities. This will simplify the work with investments and open up new horizons for all market participants.

Will XLM reach $ 1?

Experts say that this will definitely happen. Given the latest trends and the impressive growth in the value of XLM over the past six months, this may happen in the very next few months.

Of course, the coin can be slightly slowed down during the year. The high volatility of cryptotokens is not canceled even in the most resilient projects. The Bitcoin correction has colorfully shown us this recently.

However, in long-term investments, the coin looks extremely promising. And so it can be recommended for attachments.