Shielded address: fulfilling Zcash potential

Now you see me

What if the cryptocurrency, originally designed as private, in the conditions of modern realities and the influence of the politics of the majority of centralized exchangers and regulators, as a result is pretty close to Bitcoin in terms of privacy (it is known that Bitcoin is far from anonymous)? As you may have already understood, we are talking about Zcash.

Make Zcash Anonymous Again

Currently, very few exchanges, services and wallets allow their users to use Zcash privately, as originally conceived by the developers. This state of affairs really upsets us, so the team implemented the ability to choose which address you want to send z-cash when making an exchange.

  1. Shielded z-address — so your transaction will be shielded, even if you are sending coins from the transparent wallet. To get the strongest Privacy, you can send the deposit also from the z-address of your wallet.

Anonymous Crypto Exchange Without Limits

Anonymous Crypto Exchange Without Limits