Pi coin (PI) Price Prediction For 2021–2025

4 min readJun 29, 2021


Pi Coin is a new cryptocurrency that attracted more than 10 million users to its network. This article explores the value of the Pi Coin and its market capitalization, now and in the future.

PI Coin Fundamental Value

Fundamental value is a cash flow, which can be generated with the chosen asset on the market in the future. Market experts evaluate the asset’s fundamental value using the complex financial model based on the currency value, market trends, economic perspectives, and other factors.

So, what is Pi coin’s fundamental value? There is no answer to this question. While this coin is not officially listed, there is a lack of information for the well-grounded forecast. Any Pi coin value prediction is senseless before the Pi coin starts following the standard rules. Pi optimists can provide any number as the fundamental value of this asset, but the serious players should wait for the significant change.

PI Coin Details

Every crypto player knows something about mining — the complex computing process, which results in new crypto coins appearing. The number of the blocks is limited, and the process of mining requires some equipment and cheap energy. With time, fewer and fewer single players can make the mining profitable for them.

Pi coin founders started their project aiming to make mining affordable for everyone. They develop a Pi mining network via the mobile application. Each Pi network member should log in the system at least once a day. Pi coin price prediction has no real basis to reflect any future market value.

Pi Coin Community Reputation

Despite the fact that the Pi coin still exists in test mode, its community grows day by day. At the end of 2019, the number of active Pi coin users and 2021 they counted more than 10 million. Several reasons attract people to the Pi Coin. First, mining is simple compared to, say, bitcoin mining. Second, the number of coins produced does not depend on the gadget capacity. Third, the user can gain more coins contributing to the platform development.

However, many market experts point out the fact these features are more relevant to the multilevel marketing network than for a cryptocurrency. So, they conclude the Pi cryptocurrency value prediction is just a marketing move that should attract new users to the network. However, they can hardly answer the question about the final aim of the Pi coin network.

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Influencers Projections on Pi Coin

At the moment of writing, no celebrity or famous crypto market player demonstrated an interest in Pi coin. However, two factors can influence the market and attract more new users to the Pi coin network. First, it is a magical aura of Stanford University. Building any pi crypto forecast, Pi coin optimists appeal to the name of Stanford that should guarantee the success of this project.

The second factor of influence is the referral program. Each Pi coin user can share the referral link to involve the new users. Active referrals increase the mining capacity for their partner. That is why it is possible to meet the Pi coin and Pi cryptocurrency price prediction announcements in different groups on Facebook and Instagram, various forums, comments in blogs, et cetera. Each active user in this network turns out to be an influencer.

Pi Cryptocurrency market capitalization prediction

In this section, we discuss the optimistic forecast for Pi Cryptocurrency market capitalization prediction. Let us suppose that the Pi coin will soon move to the main net from the test net. The next move is to pass the KYC check — the “know your customer” policy is a type of market regulation; the network should know its users. Then Pi Coin will be listed and traded as many other cryptocurrencies.

In this case, we can calculate the market cap for Pi Coin. Now the supply of Pi Coins is 378,368.8048804, but 0 coins in circulation. If the optimistic Pi coin prediction is correct, the price should reach $1 at the end of 2021, and the Pi coin price prediction for 2025 should be at least $5. However, we should remember Pi coins can stay at the testnet forever because of the complex registration and the absence of a real value behind this project.


Is Pi coin going to be worth anything?

Pi coin price prediction in the long-term perspective is hard. At the time of writing (May 2021), the Pi coin is not listed and officially worth nothing. If phase 3 of the Pi coin launch goes successfully, the price of each coin can start from $0.01, according to moderate forecasts. Positive forecasts suppose the start price can make $5 per coin. Negative forecasts claim Pi coin will never be listed and is going to be worth nothing.

Is Pi Cryptocurrency safe?

There is no safe cryptocurrency, and you cannot consider any fiat currency as an absolutely safe asset. However, even in the risky and volatile cryptocurrency world, Pi coin can be viewed as a higher-risk asset. The Pi coin is not listed yet, and that makes Pi cryptocurrency price prediction almost impossible. Pi coin stays alive due to its background and community. Stanford’s students launched the Pi coin, and the University’s name supports this cryptocurrency, but the environment is weak.

What will be the value of Pi in 2025?

All Pi coin value predictions can be divided into three groups. Optimistic scenarios discuss if Pi coin can cross in 2025. Moderate forecasts predict the price of $0.0212 in 2025. At last, pessimistic Pi coin price predictions for 2025 say it will be no higher than $0.000038 or even less. Each of these forecasts can come true relative to the market and the development of the Pi coin community.