OMG Network (OMG) Coin Price Prediction
5 min readApr 19, 2021

A new year has begun and it’s always great to start it with a beneficial investment. What about capitalizing on an OMG coin? If you go to the homepage of OmiseGo, the company-issuer, you’ll find a solid list of existing investors like Ascend Capital and Golden Gate Ventures. It is also receiving a lot of favorable feedback from such media giants as International Business Times and Bloomberg. Does it look attractive to you? Then go for an OMG coin price prediction that we will gladly share with you here.

OMG coin guide

To realize the coin’s full talent and get a proper OMG network price prediction, let’s see the story behind it. So, what’s an OMG coin? It’s a white-label eWallet, created by a Thai financial services company — OmiseGo. The coin was built on the Ethereum blockchain.

OmiseGo enables users to send coins from one blockchain to another without turning to a standard exchange. What’s more, they can transfer funds between blockchains and classic payment networks like VISA and SWIFT.

In fact, the OmiseGo platform was created to meet the needs of businesses in real life. It’s the earliest execution of Ethereum-based Plasma whose purpose is to address the scalability issues. The term means how quickly and smoothly the platform handles significant volumes of user traffic.

Also, to spot an appropriate OMG coin prediction, you should grasp the dynamics of the coin’s price buildup. Thus, in 2017 OmiseGo ICO collected $25 million. Since then, the worth has regularly gone up, hitting $12 by mid-September. By December 19, it was already $21.51.

The price reached $26.14 by January 8, 2018, when Vitalik Buterin shared on Twitter that OMG was one of his fave cryptos. To remind, Viralik Buterin is one of the co-founders of Ethereum. Later, cryptocurrencies had been dropping in price, becoming a bear market. For now, the situation has changed a bit, and seasoned players say the prices will be growing steadily again.

OMG price predictions

Before checking on any OMG coin price prediction, pay attention to market availability, market cap, and scarcity. As for the first aspect, you can buy OMG on more than 25 various exchanges. This means the majority of investors are willing to trade the OMG coin and trading channels actually trust it. The total worth of all OMG coins is $734,921,326 USD.

For now, the overall amount of tokens on the market is 102,042,552 OMG, and the supply limit is 140,245,398. This suggests that more than two-thirds of reserve is currently marketed. When the whole supply is in the current pipeline, the OMG token will become tight. As a result, it will be tougher to purchase the coin, and the value can increase.

So, how does it all affect the OMG network price prediction?

Short-term prediction for next few days

The crypto reviewers from ThinkingCrypto declared that the OMG coin price would reach $150–200 in 2021. Another consultancy, Bitassist, foresees that the coin’s market cap will reach up to $10 billion by the end of 2021, making its price $100 each. Therefore, such a high evaluation demonstrates the level of trust and optimism market players feel toward the platform.

For instance, any of the prognoses came true. At present, the OMG market cap is $734,921,326, and its value is $3.822. The OMG crypto price prediction from Walletinvestor says that the highest potential foreseen cost for the next 14 days can be $4.696 and the lowest one — $3.308.

It’s worth mentioning that since April 2021, the price is anticipated to be growing. Besides, OmiseGo has much potential as the company has mapped out some innovations and successful partnerships that can positively affect its value.

Long-term price prediction for next years

An optimistic, long-term OMG coin price prediction depends on how the platform is going to develop over the next few years. Thus, the OMG one has a few successful partnerships that will affect its value for sure. Thus, McDonald’s Thailand uses OmiseGo’s payment services for its 240 branches. The chances are big that OmiseGo will expand its partnership with other McDonald’s restaurants globally.

OmiseGo is involved in the negotiations with the government of Thailand, namely the Thai Finance Ministry and the Central Bank of Thailand. It has also got solid funding from Japan’s biggest banks — the Bank of Ayudhya and SMBC. Both governments are willing to go digital any time soon. So, all of this signals that the OMG coin can become essential crypto of an important worldwide institution.

Another factor that might have an impact on the price increase is upcoming innovations. These are Plasma that tackles effectively scalability (claims to compete with VISA and SWIFT), full adoption of PoS protocol to accelerate the transaction speed, and DEX. The latter should be the coin’s own decentralized exchange. Therefore, as you can see, the OMG coin has all the chances to become more valuable.

Now, we’re getting closer to the OMG network price prediction for the next few years.

TradingBeats, for example, is convinced that an OMG token will cost up to $4 by December 2021, and by June, it is going to reach $51. CoinLiker foresees that the cost will be $29 during a year. In 4–5 years, they say the coin’s value will be $92. WalletInvestor (that is rather pessimistic than optimistic) predicts that by 2023 each coin will cost $60.

The conclusion from Godex team

No one can ever tell the exact prediction. However, look at the trends. Real-world businesses trust the concept, and many investors want to be a part of it. And in general, crypto price surges are anticipated in the next six months. Besides, to shine in such a crowded market, the coin should combine community, technology, and real-world support. OmiseGo seems to have it all.


What price of OMG at this moment?

At present, the worth of OMG is $3.716.

Quickly price prediction

OMG network predictions are renewed every 3 minutes with the latest prices. Make sure you picked a reputable consultancy to check on a price.

Will OMG price grow?

Yes, OMG price is likely to grow from $3.716 to $5.797 during a year.

Will OMG price fall?

As per the trends mentioned above, it is unlikely to fall.

Is OMG a risky investment in 2021?

As common OMG price predictions say, the cost will go up, meaning OMG is not a risky deal in the short run.