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The cryptocurrency world continues to evolve and the ways of buying and earning cryptocurrencies has become almost unlimited. Here we described several approaches to earn additional money with your crypto projects and affiliate program possibilities.

To ensure the high quality of the offered product, the platforms use several ways to monetize their services. It would be extremely difficult to successfully trade digital currencies without access to up-to-date market data and information about important events. However, every time you visit crypto-oriented web resources, the question arises about the sources of their earnings.

There are several methods of generating income that are used by modern platforms in order to adequately pay for the work of creators of high-quality content and fully meet the needs of participants in the crypto market.

Content monetization

Many users have encountered this approach on the most popular news sites such as Coindesk and CoinTelegraph, which charge a small fee to access their publications.

As a rule, very few resources practice paid subscription, as this scares off potential readers. Selected articles with a large amount of valuable commercial information are usually monetized. This allows the platforms generating recurring income and paying for the services of content authors.

Crypto advertising networks

It is becoming increasingly difficult for cryptocurrency startups to promote their products or services. On conventional platforms, such as Yandex.Direct, Google Ads, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, advertising, which is somehow related to cryptocurrency, or advertising of products or services that promote cryptocurrency, is prohibited.

Despite complete ignorance of the crypto industry from large networks and advertising platforms, you can easily get tons of the purest traffic from popular cryptocurrency sites, as well as monetize sites on this topic using crypto advertising networks.

While choosing the right ad network, the following points should be taken into account such as:

  1. A large number of ad formats;
  2. Presence of large sites in the system;
  3. Ease of use;
  4. Transparent analytics and reporting system;
  5. Ability to fine-tune advertising campaigns;
  6. Sane support service;
  7. Competitive pricing;
  8. Stable payments.

Benefits of affiliate programs for crypto business

Many companies offer affiliate (referral) programs that allow getting good passive income in cryptocurrency without additional investments.

While this type of marketing is still in its infancy, it is gaining momentum. At the same time, crypto companies get the opportunity to reduce the cost of increasing their client base, and program participants can earn their percentage of the income of the invited user.

Many online influencers achieve affiliate program strategy and generate passive income simply by referring their users / visitors / viewers to other companies.

Some cryptocurrency companies may pay a reward for bringing new users to their platforms. This includes affiliate links, referrals, and many other rewards that are provided to new users you invite.

If you have a huge number of followers on social media, crypto affiliate programs can be a great way for you to generate additional income. Nevertheless, in order not to spread information about low-quality projects, it is always worth considering in advance the services which you are going to recommend for use. Cloud mining, digital wallet, exchange platform are all trying to implement an affiliate program to attract more traffic to their site.

These services pay you for what you say, tweet, or write about your business to your audience (to your website visitors, podcast listeners, channel viewers, or just friends).

It works with the following principles:

• You register on the site of services which is offering an affiliate program.

• The site will provide you with a unique URL, QR code, promo code, etc.

• You pass this code or URL to your people.

• Members of your audience click on the link (using the code) and buy the available services.

• You get your commission (percentage of their purchase).

Some sites offer their coins as a commission; some provide small amounts of major cryptocurrencies or reduce withdrawal fees, etc.

  • Each affiliate program has its own advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing any program carefully study contractual and pay attention to the following nuances:
  • Provided you engage anonymous crypto exchanges into an affiliate program you may obtain the request for personal data.
  • Several trading platforms have high demands in terms of joining their affiliate programs.
  • Also, before choosing a crypto affiliate program make sure that the customer’s jurisdiction corresponds to its terms and conditions.

Why to choose Godex affiliate program

Among huge variety of existing crypto affiliate programs platform offers variable and convenient terms and conditions to its prospective participants.

Apply the most fitting type of affiliation including the options for services, wallets, rate trackers, and coins.

Select the adaptable, handy widgets or white-label API with the detailed certification.

Godex support technicians will help to resolve any issue related to the partner program and guide you step by step on the integration of the exchange flow proving 24\7 available support line for the affiliates.

Draw back the revenues whenever it is convenient for you and calculate your earning on the Godex site.

Variants of collaboration with Godex

Godex tools are ready to be integrated with any service or platform. Fully documented API gives you the most convenient and simple way to perform cryptocurrency exchanges using your own brand.

Finding the right balance between the customer`s satisfaction and your profit is the key to your project prosperity, thus Godex will help you achieve this.

Partnership with Godex provides a unique opportunity to get the most profitable income for your business by setting the income level that suits you the most.

With Godex you will improve functionality of your service even more, whether it is a wallet, crypto exchanger or news site, and make your users more contended. Godex offers several options for its partners so they can choose the most convenient one for them such as:

- Whitelabel API with comprehensive documentation;

- Customizable Widgets and buttons.

How to start using Godex affiliate program

Make four easy steps and become a participant of Godex affiliate program:

1. Register on creating your unique account in couple of clicks protecting your personal data with reliable password. Get immediately a pleasant bonus for registration in the amount of 0.005 BTC.

2. Use widgets that you will find on the same page, or you can copy the URL address. Place it on your Internet networks and encourage your friends to use Godex.

3. Engage customers to use Godex service by popularizing your Internet-resources and attracting clients from your own environment. There is no limit for the number of attracted newcomers, their exchanges deal, transfers, and other activities. Invite as many new users as you can and turn your traffic into the income.

4. Your commission is pro rata to the number of people you attract to Godex. The most remarkable reward is 0.6%. Draw back your money whenever is convenient to you.


  • Choose a direction and enter crypto industry at an early stage, then during a real boom, you may have great opportunities for development and earnings.
  • Register now with, become an affiliate, create noticeable crypto-related content, and start earning!

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