News — Godex affiliate program — how can you boost your crypto project

Content monetization

Crypto advertising networks

  1. A large number of ad formats;
  2. Presence of large sites in the system;
  3. Ease of use;
  4. Transparent analytics and reporting system;
  5. Ability to fine-tune advertising campaigns;
  6. Sane support service;
  7. Competitive pricing;
  8. Stable payments.

Benefits of affiliate programs for crypto business

  • Each affiliate program has its own advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing any program carefully study contractual and pay attention to the following nuances:
  • Provided you engage anonymous crypto exchanges into an affiliate program you may obtain the request for personal data.
  • Several trading platforms have high demands in terms of joining their affiliate programs.
  • Also, before choosing a crypto affiliate program make sure that the customer’s jurisdiction corresponds to its terms and conditions.

Why to choose Godex affiliate program

Variants of collaboration with Godex

How to start using Godex affiliate program


  • Choose a direction and enter crypto industry at an early stage, then during a real boom, you may have great opportunities for development and earnings.
  • Register now with, become an affiliate, create noticeable crypto-related content, and start earning!



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