NAGA (NGC) Price Prediction
4 min readApr 12, 2021

If you’re open to discovering new cryptos, consider the NAGA coin. The project comes with a pretty bold mission — to transform an old banking sector. Does it sound attractive as an investment? Let’s get to know the NAGA coin price prediction.

Naga Coin Intro

NGC is a publicly listed FinTech company based in Germany. Its activity is regulated by the European Union. To understand what NGC is, let’s start with how the realm of finances works.

Banks, financial institutions, and governments do not always operate transparently and take a cut of payments and investments people make. So, the NAGA Crypto Coin is a decentralized digital currency created to address this and remove any banks or intermediaries from the equation. It allows trading on gaming and virtual goods just via the NAGA card.

The NAGA crypto is backed by such multi-billion companies as the Hauck & Aufhaeuser (one of the oldest European banks), the FOSUN Group, the German Stock Exchange, and the like.

The token’s current worth is $0.067586, and a 24-hour trading volume is $5. 479. For the last 24 hours, the price grew. The circulating supply is 78 million and the overall one is 77.9 million. Now, what NAGA coin predictions can tell us?

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NAGA future price

Let’s see some dynamics from the very beginning. The platform has debuted well on December 25th, 2017 at a $1.3 price point. Within the first week, the worth of the token grew to $4.3, but on January 1st, 2018 it dropped by 50%. The first few days of March, NAGA had a stable price, ranging between $0.95 and $0.81.

As for the NAGA prediction, one thing is clear: the limited amount of NAGA coins released can booster its value in the future as demand grows from new users joining the network.

Short-term prediction for next few days

At present, the NGC coin’s value is $0.0680 with a 0.83285023% price drop today. The market capitalization is $4,896,434. The up-to-date circulating amount is 71,960,164 NGC. The one-day price movement chart states that $5,542 value of NGC were being sold. In the last 24 hours, the price maxed out at $0.0732; herewith, the lowest one was $0.0673.

According to the NAGA coin price prediction, for the following 7 days, the price is assumed to decrease by 2.7%, and in 14 days — up to -29.7%. It becomes clear that the NGC price is rather anticipated to keep performing badly, making it disadvantageous crypto to invest, especially in the long-run perspective.

Long-term price prediction for the next few years

All NAGA coin predictions are unanimous: there’s a negative trend for the NGC coin, and it’s not a great investment for making money. At least, in the context of 1 year. The crypto became a bear market, and it’s always hard to trade it.

In one year, the price is predicted to reach $0.299, in 3 years — $0.355, and in 5 years — $1.045. In 2026, the value of 1 NGC is foreseen to be around $2.5678. Therefore, no one can predict the future. Make sure you find a trusted NAGA coin price prediction before making any investment.

Conclusion from Godex team

Should you deal with this crypto? Well, factor in the following aspects:

  1. NAGA is an active business that strives to raise capital for its business objectives and endeavors and to use the coins to lend higher value for its already existing applications.
  2. The token’s proceeds are claimed to be allocated for development and marketing.
  3. The ecosystem is designed to gather different niches under one roof by creating an easy-to-use interface and using the NAGA Wallet. The latter makes it possible to trade cryptos, stocks, virtual goods while gaming, etc.


Most NAGA coin predictions state that the token is not popular yet and is not even listed in the top 100 cryptos. And often the market does not see something beyond the hype.


Will NGC price grow?

The token’s price is not expected to grow any time soon.

Will NGC price fall?

Some NAGA coin predictions do not predict the price fall in the long run, but current trends signal the opposite.

Is NGC a risky investment in 2021?

It is a bad investment and might be risky if your purchase is huge. Besides, you might stumble upon the situation when an exchange platform cannot provide the rate for some crypto versus the NAGA coin