How to Use Tezos (XTZ)?

What is Tezos?

  • On-chain governance model — applying this model the blockchain can perform any changes automatically. It allows avoiding the hard fork when one currency can split into two as Etherium or Bitcoin did. In such a case, cryptocurrency can be easily adopted by the general public. The other interesting thing here is that stakeholders influence the platform’s development directly.
  • Proof of stake (PoS) — using this mechanism users confirm transactions and get their payments without any requirement for mining and without any expensive technology or software. As you probably know, typical blockchains depend on the mining communities, whereas XTZ focuses on its own community and does not involve minors.
  • Staking — you can perform it using two procedures. You can confirm transactions yourself and in this case, you perform “baking”. The other possibility is to ask the technical expert to confirm the transaction and in this case, you’re “delegating”. The idea of mining is different in this framework. Users win the newly minded XTZ whether they are bakers themselves or delegate this function to experts.
  • Consensus mechanism — all Tezos stakeholders participate in the consensus and get rewards. Such an approach guarantees the stability of Tezos.
  • Self-amendment network — the members of the network directly influence its development, they can implement any change once it’s required
  1. An expert designates coins to exchange validators through a unique contract on Tezos blockchain.
  2. Bakers vote to take part in the exchange. Once bakers win any specific reward they can delegate their voting power to experts.
  3. When bakers vote for bad transactions, they don’t procure a prize (and neither do their delegators). It means they cannot use their coins, hence you have to check your potential baker before delegating any XTZ to him.

Tezos History

How does Tezos work?

The Tezos LPoS Blockchain

Tezos Upgrades

Tezos price prediction

What Are the Factors Driving XTZ Cryptocurrency Growth?

  • “STO Pipeline” of projects in which XTZ will participate. These projects will raise the demand for XTZ cryptocurrency. It is likely that both the growth of the transactions and the growth of security token will take place
  • Tezos capitalization
  • Technological innovations

Here come the STOs

Cash talks

It’s the innovation

Is Tezos the future, or is it just FOMO?

What is the future of Tezos cryptocurrency?



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