How to start earning with Godex affiliate program


  • Receive up to 0,6% forever lasting share of every transaction as a reward for referral exchanges.
  • 0.005 Bitcoins welcome bonus for a registering.
  • Possibility of unlimited growth of your affiliate network, and as a result, the rapid growth of your income.
  • BTC payments on your request. No need to wait, get your coins when it’s convenient for you.
  • Accessible to everyone. Register in just a couple of clicks, easy to use and user friendly interface.
  • Our support managers are always in touch and ready to answer your questions.
  • Become an Ambassador of Godex and start earning now!

How does it work?

  • API — you can use our API to integrate Godex instant exchange features into your own service, increasing the opportunities for it. The integration process is very simple, and there is a detailed documentation on how to add API to your resource.
  • Widgets and buttons — we have created handy customizable widgets and buttons, which will fit your site perfectly and start making profit for you.You can adjust the style and the type of widgets and buttons to your liking.
  • Affiliate links — the most simple way to make profit with our service. You can place your referral links on any cryptocurrency related forums, social networks or where you think it will fit the best, and collect your bonus. You can create multiple referral links to be able to place them in different places and analyse revenue through each one.

Your reward

How do I withdraw earned funds?

Your Personal Dashboard



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