How to Secure Your Cryptocurrencies

What is the danger related to crypto wallets?

Recommendations on how to be on the safe side

  • Don’t use cryptocurrency exchanges for keeping your crypto investments longer than needed.
  • Always remember to activate 2FA authentication feature. If possible, choose offline 2FA tools or 2FA hardware instead of SMS.
  • To protect your hardware wallets, select a PIN that is hard to figure out and never share private recovery sheets online.
  • Don’t use your name, home address or other identifiable details when discussing your crypto belongings on cryptocurrency platforms. Some hackers succeed to misappropriate funds even if a user holds them in a well-secured online or any other kind of storage.
  • Trust only verifiable information that you can personally check on your wallet’s official website or account
  • Always presume that your gadget can get endangered at any moment so use your smartphone or laptop with caution.

Beware of Phishing Websites and check HTTPS

Select secure Wireless Networks

Use several crypto wallets

IP whitelisting instruments and Static IP

Pay attention at Bitcoin Addresses

Never overcomplicate

The Benefits of



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