How to Exchange Crypto Anonymously in 2020?

How to Stay Secure and Exchange Crypto Anonymously?

  • Connect the net through VPN and use it throughout individual on-line activities — this approach can guarantee that no-one is going to be able to log your information. You’ve got to make certain that nobody can access your information without proper permission
  • Never post any identification data on the individual or company’s web site. Here, the maneuver is to supply the smallest amount of attainable information.
  • Use fraud protection software packages guaranteeing personalized safety.
  • Never give the personal data on any website unless you’re 100% certain concerning its security
  • Secure your computer even if you have an Apple device with Firewall installed: don’t forget to put in antivirus programs in your laptop to securely perform transactions along with your cryptocurrencies.
  • Strengthen your passwords: it’s counseled to possess passwords longer than eight symbols together with character letters and special characters or/and numbers.
  • Never follow any links from unknown sources or answer the cold calls. If you do not know the person who calls just drop the phone.
  • Don’t follow the criminals’ tricks — it’s a typical situation when hackers or cyber criminals ask for the password to crypto accounts to perform the technical maintenance. Bear in mind that legitimate individuals can never ask for passwords.

Buy Bitcoins & Etherium in cash

Use bitcoin ATMs

Use bitcoin mixers

Exchange crypto anonymously without registration

Which Anonymous Exchange to Choose in 2020?

  • Godex
  • Changelly
  • Kraken
  • BitShares
  • ShapeShift



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Anonymous Crypto Exchange Without Limits