How to Exchange Crypto Anonymously in 2020?

The volume of digital currency is constantly growing, despite periodic drops in prices being accompanied by high volatility. This keeps various hackers and crypto scammers interested in it constantly at a high level.

Since the number of cryptocurrency users and its total capitalization is constantly growing and is predicted to grow in the future, there is no reason to count on weakening the attention of attackers to it. Each year, hackers steal millions of Bitcoins for hundreds of millions and billions of dollars. Using various methods of Bitcoin analysis, they gain access to the digital money of ordinary users.

Holders of any wallets are at risk of losing their crypto funds due to Bitcoin’s traceability. Your coins will not be safe until your transactions using them cannot be traced. To avoid falling victim to cryptocurrency theft, you need to buy Bitcoin anonymously. For this purpose, various private crypto exchanges have been developed.

How to Stay Secure and Exchange Crypto Anonymously?

These threats pose the biggest risk to buying and selling crypto on trusted exchanges. In fact, the greatest threat we’ve seen to people losing their crypto funds is human error, not the technology itself.

Therefore, as a minded investor we advise to protect any online transactions following the tips below:

  • Connect the net through VPN and use it throughout individual on-line activities — this approach can guarantee that no-one is going to be able to log your information. You’ve got to make certain that nobody can access your information without proper permission
  • Never post any identification data on the individual or company’s web site. Here, the maneuver is to supply the smallest amount of attainable information.
  • Use fraud protection software packages guaranteeing personalized safety.
  • Never give the personal data on any website unless you’re 100% certain concerning its security
  • Secure your computer even if you have an Apple device with Firewall installed: don’t forget to put in antivirus programs in your laptop to securely perform transactions along with your cryptocurrencies.
  • Strengthen your passwords: it’s counseled to possess passwords longer than eight symbols together with character letters and special characters or/and numbers.
  • Never follow any links from unknown sources or answer the cold calls. If you do not know the person who calls just drop the phone.
  • Don’t follow the criminals’ tricks — it’s a typical situation when hackers or cyber criminals ask for the password to crypto accounts to perform the technical maintenance. Bear in mind that legitimate individuals can never ask for passwords.

For extra security, here are steps you can take to ensure crypto stays in your hands, and only your hands.

Buy Bitcoins & Etherium in cash

The easiest way to avoid criminal invasion within individual online operations is to purchase bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies during personal meetings and pay for the transactions with cash. For this purpose, you can just find the buyer in the nearest location using Local Bitcoins. In order to enter this platform, you have to provide an email address, but you can use an alias email to stay anonymous. You can also find people on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Meetup, but it seems to be less secure options as hackers can reach you there.

Use bitcoin ATMs

Use bitcoin mixers

Exchange crypto anonymously without registration

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Which Anonymous Exchange to Choose in 2020?

So on the off chance that you are searching for an exchange without the stringent KYC confirmation. These anonymous crypto exchanges 2020 are examined below and are ideal for private financial specialists hoping to possess a modest quantity of digital currency.

  • Godex
  • Changelly
  • Kraken
  • BitShares
  • ShapeShift is one of the few exchangers who still believes that KYC rules contradict the original idea of anonymity in the cryptocurrency world. They only ask you for a recipient address to send exchanged coins, and even these data are deleted within a week. The customers outline this exchange for professional service & assistance in transactions on a 24/7 basis.

Changelly is among the more well known “instant” digital currency exchanges. Since 2015, Changelly has increased more than 1.5 million enrolled clients around the world. With more than 90 altcoins to trade or purchase, Changelly has a not insignificant rundown of exchanging sets to offer clients. It prides itself on quick exchanges, account security, top trade rates, and simple to utilize and natural interface.

Kraken is one of the most seasoned and most well known cryptographic money trades right now in the task. The trade has assembled popularity for being a protected goal for anybody keen on exchanging cryptographic forms of money and it is likewise a prevalent decision for the brokers and institutions over an assortment of areas. Kraken holds a worldwide intrigue and gives effective exchanging openings to various fiat monetary standards.

BitShares is venture money with its advanced cash, BTS. With BitShares, clients can exchange and put resources into a boundless rundown of benefits while exploiting the blockchain’s security. BitShares has the highlights you anticipate from a conventional exchanging platform, yet with the additional focal points of digital money and blockchain advancements, for example, decentralization.

Shapeshift is offering a direct crypto-to-crypto trade stage. Notwithstanding, it ought to be noticed that Shapeshift does not give clients a chance to buy crypto with fiat money. It is as of now, offering clients the chance to exchange nearly 50 diverse digital currencies.

If you are tired of experiencing the KYC procedure again and again on crypto trades choose your anonymous crypto exchange in 2020 and think about their service level, the ability to perform transactions fast, and registration requirements. We at care much about these issues and our customer reviews confirm our extreme care about your online security.

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