How to Earn with Affiliate Program

How Does an Affiliate Program Work?

Why Partner with

  • Use one or more different types of affiliation — for services, for wallets, for rate trackers, and for coins. Choose the most appropriate option for your business!
  • Choose the adjustable, well-designed widgets or white-label API with the detailed certification.
  • Enjoy a 24\7 dedicated support line for the affiliates. Our support technicians will help to solve any issue related to the partner program.
  • Turn your traffic to the profit — there is no limit for the number of attracted newcomers, their exchanges deal, transfers, and other activities. Invite as many new users as you can. You can grow it up to the Moon!
  • Withdraw the revenues whenever you want — it is a fast and easy option, and you can calculate your earning on the Godex site.
  • Recommend the seamless crypto-exchange service to your friends and get their gratitude.

Four Steps to Becoming an Affiliate

I want to be Affiliate!



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