Godex: Not just a redesign.

3 min readDec 4, 2019


Upgrading to a whole new level.

Since 2017 we clearly understood the development vector of Godex. We improved the form, honed the exchange engine, expanded the team, met new awesome coins and new bright partnerships. But one thing runs like a thread through the whole history of the company — respecting for the privacy of our users.

Using this as a framework, we built a service that will not cause your worries, help you make an exchange as simple and fast as possible, without requiring you to provide any ID’s, photos or other similar personal information.

However, we thought about how to show at a glance to the user the ideas that we carry and share it with the same crypto enthusiasts around the world. How to embody in appearance ours reliability, convenience and privacy together?

Godex 3.0

New Dark design in a minimalist way emphasizes the main things — ease of use, reliability and focus on privacy.

We got rid of unnecessary graphic elements, now the page loads three seconds faster — we save your time wherever we can.

Interactive feedback block — we value our customers’ opinions and we are happy to share their experience even on the homepage.

Of course, external transformation is not all that we have worked hard on recently, and we have something to share on the functional side:

  1. Even faster: the exchange now averages 17 seconds. The use of direct exchanges using your own nodes has reduced the waiting time so much that you may not even have time to make yourself a coffee (apologies if you like to drink coffee)
  2. Even more private: integrated addresses for Monero and Shielded addresses for Zcash exchanges — not empty words for those who appreciate the privacy of transactions. We have implemented these technologies in Godex, which makes exchanges even more secure.
  3. We are now integrated into the Edge multi-currency mobile wallet, and more awesome partnerships are on the way!

There are things that just work, and to change them would be a crime from our side. So we still give to our users:

  • No need to register — we are open to everyone and we don’t need to know who you are to provide the best service for you.
  • No limits on the volume of transactions — it’s simple: exchange as much as you want.
  • Extended affiliate program, where as our partner you receive up to 0.6% of each exchange. As well as no one has canceled the welcome bonus of 0.005 BTC for registration!

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