European Crypto Market Overview: Regulations & Best Anonymous Crypto Exchanges in Europe

Analysis of the European crypto market and EU crypto exchanges

Wallet Services in EU crypto exchanges

Crypto regulations on European crypto exchange

Why do EU crypto traders care about anonymity?

  • Illegal transactions — the regulators confirm that the main reason for the KYC rules implementation is the criminal activities on the crypto market, but the disclosure of personal data does not protect from cybercriminals. Ordinary investors are not ready to open their private data to the public. Under such circumstances, anonymous EU crypto exchanges like Godex seem a great alternative as they don’t provide wallet addresses for their users. Instead, users use their own personal wallets or those provided by custodial exchanges. This means the exchange itself doesn’t store any cryptocurrency, which makes it a much less appealing target for potential hackers.
  • Blacklisting — there are concerns that governmental regulation will force some of the altcoins to disappear from the market. Privacy altcoins such as Monero, Dash and Zcash are in a tedious position following the concerns of the ban on crypto-to-crypto exchanges.
  • Just privacy — cryptocurrency transactions have been a symbol of financial freedom for long-term periods in the EU and many investors still want to keep their data private. The pro-cryptocurrency regions such as Maltesian are in much concern of the recent regulations, taking their focus on the development of crypto startups in the region.

Compare and contrast anonymous crypto exchanges working in Europe



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