EOS Price Prediction in 2020

5 min readJul 15, 2020

This article will share useful insights into this popular altcoin and describe the most relevant EOS price prediction for the upcoming years.

EOS is one of the most popular smart contract ecosystems in the cryptocurrency market. It is often referred to as the ”Ethereum main competitor” which offers a great alternative to a well-established Ethereum blockchain. Founded by Daniel Larimer, the lead developer of such chart-topping projects as BitShares and Steem, EOS takes its well-deserved place in the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

The platform raised more than $2.5 billion during the initial coin offering in 2018 and since that time EOS price predictions have been widely discussed by its investors and supporters.

During this highly volatile period, the majority of investors and traders place special attention at the cryptocurrency market dynamics and price predictions in order to design the best trading strategy to make a profit and successfully invest money. The golden investing rule could not be more relevant during the current economic crisis: “Forewarned is forearmed”.

Shortly about EOS

Eos.io is a protocol that reproduces the majority of characteristics of a PC with graphics processing units, central processing units, random-access memory, and other necessary resources fairly shared between the members of the EOS community. In other words, Eos.io is an innovative platform powered by smart contracts and a decentralized computing system designed to effectively develop and execute large-scale decentralized applications empowered by smart contracts.

Eos has the potential to handle several hundreds of transactions per second without the need to cover direct costs, advanced usability for both parties, business management options, and innovative chain sustenance. The project has introduced various improvements to the existing protocol and enabled EOS holders to choose block producers, vote on monetary policy, or the future of the platform. EOS constitution incorporates general guidelines on the protocol behavior, for example, that each transaction should have a specific hash. At the same time, the guidelines act primarily as terms and conditions which all community members should comply with. EOS Core Arbitration Forum, which involves independent specialists from various fields, are making binding decisions in order to settle disputes.

EOS's ultimate goal is to provide the most scalable, cheapest, and quickest blockchain for smart contracts. Consequently, it aims to win a large part of the market share from its biggest competitor, Ethereum. The project is slowly but steadily moving towards its goal. Currently, there are over 400 decentralized applications built on the EOS blockchain and this number is rapidly growing. This fact fuels additional interest in the EOS price predictions for the upcoming years.

EOS price in 2020

Just like other cryptocurrencies, EOS heavily depends on the Bitcoin price dynamics. In case Bitcoin will turn into a bull market, the EOS network also has a chance for a sustained rise. However, due to the unstable economic situation, this influential cryptocurrency has lost more than 40% since the black swan events occurred in 2020. The majority of altcoins, including EOS price, declined in a more severe manner, dropping 50%+ of its value in just a few days.

Thus, it is one of the most challenging and daunting tasks to make short-term predictions while the cryptocurrency market is so shaky and volatile. However, a number of well-established influencers have expressed their opinions regarding EOS price prediction.


According to this AI-based forecasting service, buying EOS is a good idea because its price will most likely peak at $900 in 2023.


CoinFan claims that EOS has the potential to reach around $50 by the end of the year provided that it will overcome resistance points at the beginning of the autumn season.


Tradingbeasts offered a more timid approach to the EOS price prediction in 2020. The platform puts EOS price at no more than $10 by 2021 which is still a rather optimistic vision with the coin doubling its price by the end of the year.

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EOS price predictions

EOS price in 2021

Similar to the market dynamics in 2020, the EOS price will strongly rely on Bitcoin and Ethereum next year. Moreover, the project needs to make a huge step forward in its development and finally win a piece of “cryptocurrency cake” away from its main competitor Ethereum. In the worst-case scenario, EOS risks to lose its value and stay below $5 giving way to the latter.

EOS price in 2025

It is important to understand whether EOS will eventually find its own niche and manage to stand out on the cryptocurrency market despite intense competition and growing technical standards. As a result, EOS price in 2025 becomes a secondary issue which gives its way to more important challenges that the coin is currently facing.

EOS price prediction in 2030

According to Reger Ver, Charlie Lee, the Winklevoss twins, and a bunch of other crypto influencers and established forecasting services, the world’s economy will completely shift to blockchain in just 10 years. If it is true, the EOS blockchain ecosystem will get a second wind and will ultimately reach more than $400 per coin.

EOS on Godex.io

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