Difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin VS Bitcoin Cash: An Overview

Bitcoin VS Bitcoin Cash : The War of the Prices

  • SegWit is a new technology. It throws out some internal stuff from transactions, increasing the throughput by 1.5–2 times, subject to the widespread use of the technology.
  • Commissions in the amount of $ 8–20. BTC fans think that this is not a problem, because they believe that the value of Bitcoin is in BTC itself (digital “gold” is a so-called speculative instrument that does not fall in price by itself). It is believed that small transactions should be processed outside the blockchain.
  • The block size of 8 MB is the leading characteristic of Bitcoin Cash. BTH hard fork in the spring of 2019 resulted in the increased block size to a record 32MB.
  • BCH network commissions in the amount of $ 0.05-$ 0.10 are the same as they were in 2010–2015. BCH vs BTC cost of financial transactions are much cheaper in the BCH network which makes Bitcoin Cash so popular.

Bitcoin VS Bitcoin Cash : Conclusion


Will Bitcoin Cash overtake Bitcoin?

  • Initially increased block size to 8 MB allowing financial transactions to be conducted much faster than BTC. Relatively recently, BCH developers have increased the system blocks to 32 MB. If necessary, they will repeat this procedure and increase network bandwidth.
  • In the case of BCH, all financial transactions take place at a more secure level, using the function of signing the input value for improved wallet security, as well as eliminating the problem of quadratic hashing. A user is also given the opportunity to sign separate transfer amounts.
  • Bitcoin Cash is protected against replay and wipeout.

Is Bitcoin Cash a good investment?

What is Bitcoin Cash used for?

  • Online shopping. This applies to services and goods.
  • Payment for the services of individuals using direct transfers. It should be noted that the transfer is anonymous, and this greatly expands the possibilities.
  • Investment. BCH is suitable not only for traders and cryptocurrency brokers but also for ordinary businesses and individuals who invest in non-traditional options.

Will Bitcoin replace cash?



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