Dent Price Predictions for 2021–2025
7 min readFeb 3, 2021

What would you say if stumbling upon crypto that, for now, is the only altcoin for the entire telecom industry? The developers aim to change the world of mobile data transfer and continuously come up with developments that solidify the token’s value. The icing on the cake is that the current price is super affordable, even for a newbie in the business. Intrigued? Meet the Dent project.

Dent is a data exchange platform that allows users to acquire mobile data from other ones on the Ethereum blockchain network. The Dent project’s creators got inspired right after Cisco’s study revealed that 32 billion data were purchased, while 15% always remained inactive. So, they began with the purpose of transforming the provision of mobile services favorably with the token.

The venture came up with a mission to promote a society of people who benefit from using mobile phones and always receive services from the most ‘friendly’ operators at a fair price. The Dent developers aim at providing a network that makes every telecom sector worldwide more performant and affordable.

What’s more, they strive to position the Dent marker as the world currency for mobile data. Another purpose is to eliminate the price of international roaming and routing costs. All of the above make the Dent coin price prediction even more attractive now.

Price History Of The Dent Token

The users of ETH first saw the Dent coin in July 2019, and the project managed to secure about 4.5 billion dollars due to a good launch price. At a time, 1 Dent came with a $0.0005 price point. Yet, its price decreased by more than 50% within a week. Just to mention, the highest point ever of the coin’s price was about $0.111 in January 2018. Herewith, the value of the Dent coin used to go down since June 2019.

At present, Dent Total Supply is 100,000,000,000, and a Circulating Supply is 82,173,941,182.736. Its market cap constitutes $17,428,957, and the latest price is quoted at $0.000207.

Price Prediction For The Dent Token From 2020 To 2025

The price prediction Dent coin 2020 did not forecast much different from a previous year. But in 2020, Dent apps rolled out e-SIM that allows connecting seamlessly to the Internet in 75 countries. It was designed to be like a tradable asset category on the Dent exchange. Plus, the Dent messenger scale-up keeps enabling user-to-user money transfer and connection. All these aspects and scale-up were supposed to bring the Dent coin to $0.00150.

Late 2020 and early 2021 do not promise any sharp change as well. The current value of $0.000207 might go up to $0.000240 by 2021, despite downward movement and constant price balance.

In 2022, the Dent price can get to $0.000280 and arrive at $0.000450 by 2025, provided that some stable upward movement begins. Some Dent value predictions suggest it will stand at $ 0.0489 in 2025.

The best possible way to keep tabs on the price is to add Dent to the wallet portfolio. Luckily, as digital finance keeps drawing attention, the Dent worth has all the chances to rise and shine.

What’s more, the Dent coin price prediction for 2025 promises exponential growth, considering the latest developments. Dent can even climb up the status ladder and list the top 50 cryptocurrencies. The user onboarding rate is likely to mount up, which might increase the value, respectively.

Dent Token Price Prediction For The Next 5 Years By Crypto Rating

Back in 2019, the investment in the Dent coin seemed a blunder. Although its price soared from $0.000001 in early 2019 to $0.000164 at the end of the year, the dynamics need to be more active.

The Dent coin price prediction might be beneficial in the long run as the price change is forecast to be positive. By 2021, the worth might be around $0.000182, while other algorithms predict an increase to $0.0002. As for 2025, the value of this currency will remain stable and constitute $0.000266.

Dent Token Price Prediction For 5 Years By Crypto Ground

The Dent coin price prediction 2025 seems optimistic in the long run. It is recommended to consider the investment with a 5-year timestamp. The procedures used to assess the Dent value depicts that it is not likely to decline in the future. The worth will remain around $0.0238 by 2022. As the prediction suggests, the value of 1 dent might lay within $0.0592 by 2025.

Price Forecast Of Dent Token By Trading Beast For 5 Years

Trading Beast forecast the highest Dent price to be $0.0004705 and the lowest one — $0.0003199, in 2020. By the end of 2021, it is anticipated to rise to $0.0004114 and remain firm in 2022. Yet, the Dent coin price prediction 2023 promises positive shifts and a surge to $0.0005042. Again, Dent is, therefore, seen as a great long-term investment.

Forecast Of Dent Token Price For Five Years By Digital Coin

At Digital Coin, the experts are convinced that it’s a gainful investment. Even if the Dent token’s worth changes by the end of the year, it will grow again in the future. The value of Dent is expected to lay at $0.00048580 the following year. It is three times the current Dent value. It is predicted to get to $0.00057506 by 2022 and then grow up to $0.00063523 by the end of 2025.

Conclusion From Godex Team

Dent is a non-mineable token whose worth is $0.000335 at present. The market capitalization constitutes $27 720 912, ranking it 152nd in the general Cryptocurrency Rating. The currently accessible supply provides 82 803 941 183 tokens. To calculate the future market cap and therefore the future price correctly, it is essential to understand the projected changes related to supply.

The accurate expert prediction for Dent coin is primarily based on the trading volume that creates dynamics of the trend. As per, the Dent trading volume is $824 891 for the past 24 hours — the increase from the day before. The shifts in the average trading volume show the growing demand for Dent tokens against the backdrop of the dropping supply.

Integral to forecasting the Dent coin figure is the Crypto Volatility Index that effectively reflects the market’s present fluctuations over 30 days. So, at the moment, CVIX related to the Dent market is 1, meaning low volatility. The actual worth is $0.000335 as a result of the 1.63% boost in the last 24 hours. Over the past 30 days, the Dent value has grown by 33 400.00%, while its annualized return is 98.22%. The volatility for the following 10 days is expected to be low, making the price fluctuations insignificant.

Based on the data above, the Dent coin price prediction is favorable for investing now. The worth is low, and the company started a broad rebranding project. Besides, they offer a compelling data-sharing plan including an interface with over 400 mobile owners in more than 130 countries globally. Both factors make Dent attractive to potential investors and profitable in the long run.


Where Can I Buy Dent Crypto?

To purchase Dent from your bank, first, you need to buy some BTC or ETH from an exchange that allows deposits from a bank account or debit card. The next step is to transfer this crypto to a marketplace that sells Dent in exchange for BTC or ETH. Herewith, Godex is the ultimate go-to exchange that will execute your request quickly without asking for personal information.

Another way to buy Dents is by doing it from or within the app. Just log in to the account by clicking on your profile at the right corner of the interface, then click “Buy Dents”, and pick the package and make the payment required.

Can Dent Reach $1?

For instance, as per its present value, the Dent token will need a 5000% increase to get to 1$. As it’s the only altcoin created for the telecom industry, it has all the chances to reach it in the following years. By counting on blockchain control, Dent has the potential to hit the $1 mark and even get a market cost of $ 1 trillion if such an increase occurs.

Does Dent Coin Have A Future?

A prediction for the Dent coin future is quite optimistic as it is based on the project’s development tendencies. Thus, Dent strives to be the leading cryptocurrency for mobile data on Ethereum and build up an entire smartphone user ecosystem. This way, the developers aim to influence mobile services providers in the future to get way better opportunities than those currently existing.

How Do You Transfer Dent Coins?

To transfer Dent Coins, you need to find a secure and top-tier exchange platform that supports this kind of token. Then, you need to open the wallet and tap on the Transfer button. You need to choose the currency to transfer, which is usually available in the drop-down menu below the currency logo. You will also see a QR code and the wallet address where to transfer Dents to. The final step will be pasting the address into the withdrawal field of your sending exchange or wallet. Then, press Send.

We recommend transferring first a small trial transaction to receive the wallet’s confirmation receipt and then proceed with the rest.