Best Cryptocurrency Apps
14 min readDec 16, 2021

The crypto world is a relatively new, but extremely successful financial sphere, which has only been developing over the years and is becoming more and more serious and influential. And where the financial benefits are growing, of course, there are more and more offers and new technologies. For more than 10 years of the existence of the cryptocurrency, a huge number of services and applications have appeared in order to perform various operations with it: storage, trading, mining.

The offer on the market is huge, so it is often difficult to choose what exactly to use. It is also important to always remember that there are a lot of scammers on the Internet who want to cash in on those who are inattentive to their capital. Therefore, we have collected the 10 best crypto apps of 2021, which we can recommend to both experienced investors and novice traders.

What is a cryptocurrency app?

Cryptocurrencies are digital coins, for the functioning of which digital technologies and services are necessary. Therefore, all applications that help to work with crypto coins can be attributed to the number of crypto apps.

Such apps help to buy, sell, exchange coins, conduct analytics, accounting, make forecasts and receive information about changes, trends and novelties in the crypto world. These are also apps for storing tokens. Many cryptomonet wallets exist in the form of a smartphone app, which is very convenient, although it is not the most dangerous way to hold coins.

All these tools help investors and traders in dealing with cryptocurrencies, making their work easier and saving time. Let’s take a closer look at what functions crypto applications can perform and how they work.

How do cryptocurrency apps work?

As in any other field of technology and sphere, there are a huge number of applications for various purposes in the crypto world, of different complexity and for different purposes of use. For any task, you can find a lot of offers on the market, among which it remains to choose the most convenient app for you.

You don’t have to worry about what kind of operating system you have and whether the application is suitable for it. Since most of the applications are released on Android, iOS and other important operating systems. All large and important apps accurately cover the maximum number of users, so that a person with any smartphone can install and use them.

If you can’t find any app for your operating system, then you will definitely find an analog that performs exactly the same functions.

Also, apps differ in the complexity of installation and use. Some of them require mandatory registration of varying degrees of complexity. Others are quite simple to download and install on your device-without additional steps. These applications are most often those that perform simple functions that do not need your personal data. These are news apps, course schedules.

However, if the application somehow works with your personal finances, then a simple installation is not enough. This is also necessary to protect your data and capital. And the more serious the functionality of the application, the more complex the registration and the more multi-stage data protection: passwords, SMS confirmations, keys, etc. This may complicate the work with the application, but it is necessary.

In general, the registration process in crypto apps is similar to registration in any other apps that work with finances or user data. The simplest ones request a unique username and password to create an account. The login, as everywhere else, can be a name, an email address or a phone number-it all depends on the method chosen by the developer. Or these options are offered to you to choose from.

The next stage of account protection is the login or operation confirmation code, which is sent to your phone in messages, emails or through a special code generation app. This helps to create an additional level of protection, if suddenly the login data for your account falls into the hands of scammers. Of course, this also complicates the use of apps, but it is much better to spend a little more time on installation and additional account protection than to lose important data or even money in one day.

Another option that is slightly less common, but still exists is sending a unique link to log in to apps or account to your email or phone number.

If you have a crypto wallet in the form of an app, then you know that they also have an additional unique protection stage in the form of a private key that is generated at the time of installing the wallet. Usually, this is a set of different words that go in a certain order. You need to remember them, and it is better to write them down and save them in a safe place, which is also inaccessible to scammers (therefore, we do not recommend storing it on the same phone where the wallet is installed — in photos or notes).

The use of wallets is quite simple. To replenish the wallet, you need to copy its address — this is the public key or the wallet identifier and send the funds there. If you make an exchange on the exchange, then insert it in the recipient field. If you need to send funds to the account,then you also send it for transfer.

Be careful when choosing a cryptocurrency for transfer, sale or purchase. If funds are sent to another blockchain during the transfer, they will be lost. And this is a very important point since most wallets support a lot of coins, and with insufficient attention, you can easily confuse which address you choose.

Cryptocurrency exchanges also have their own apps too. And they almost always require registration. If you plan to store funds on the exchange, trade, change tokens, start and withdraw fiat money, then you need to create an account for this with your lynch data, as well as with password protection and other security tools.

Working with finances is very responsible. And crypto exchanges are also subject to the general rules of work in this area. This means that users who plan to use the exchange’s services are required to pass KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) checks when registering. Sometimes this is not required from the user during registration, but is implemented and obligated to pass an identity confirmation during the first operations or an increase in their amount.

For example, you can create an account on the exchange using only your name, email and phone number. Further, when you need to deposit funds for exchange or trade, you may be asked to upload your passport details or other proof of identity. Further, some exchanges may request other basic documents. For example, a statement of a utility bill or another document confirming the user’s registration address, it can also be a bank statement to confirm income. The list of such documents may vary from app to app.

Also, some services and applications may not use such complex checks. This means that they are not registered with the relevant control authorities, which oblige them to follow the KYC and AML verification policy. This is quite consistent with the original goal of creating cryptocurrencies as freer currencies that do not obey traditional financial institutions. However, in this case, we ask you to be careful: before using such apps and services, make sure that they are authoritative and reliable.

Be sure to look for reviews about the app and service, study their website, check the period of existence. It is very important that there is nothing suspicious and there are no reports of fraud.

Exchanges are different. Some of them function only as an exchange. On others, you can trade in different ways. On some you can store funds as in a crypto wallet, on others this function is not available. Some allow the exchange of only one token for another, others allow you to buy cryptocurrency for fiat funds and sell cryptocurrency to withdraw fiat money to your card.

For more information about how each specific application works, you can find out on the official website of any service.

What to look for in a cryptocurrency app

It is important to note that now technologies are developing at an incredible speed. All new opportunities appear, if not every day, then definitely extremely quickly. And the crypto world is in many ways the driving force for the development of many new features and capabilities on the Internet and all technologies related to it. Therefore, we can be sure that cryptocurrency apps and their functionality are developing appropriately quickly.

But the question of what to look for in crypto applications is not easy to answer unequivocally, since different applications exist for different purposes and perform different functions. It is difficult to compare an application for tracking the Bitcoin exchange rate with a platform for futures trading in cryptocurrencies. After all, each of them has its own tasks.

Therefore, it is better to compare apps with the same or similar functionality. Although now it is not easy to do this and choose, since the choice is really huge. And every day there are more and more new apps. However, we recommend spending time and not installing the first app that comes along, but conducting research, reading the article to the end and choosing the best and most convenient option for you.

However, we can give you some general recommendations that will help you make the right choice or at least not make the wrong one.

  • Safety.

This is the most important thing. Since financial transactions with cryptocurrency are controlled in a completely different way than transactions with fiat currencies, the responsibility for the loss of capital lies only with its owner. If some scammers deceive you and steal tokens, then you will not be able to go to the authorities and write a statement so that this crime is investigated according to the law. Therefore, it is extremely important to always treat all services, all apps for cryptocurrency, as well as various payments and transfers responsibly. Always check the reviews, download applications from official sites — and make sure that it is not fake (sometimes attackers change only 1 letter in the official address of the site, thereby confusing users).

  • The authority of developers.

In addition to reviews, study information about the creators and developers of the technology and application. So that it does not turn out that this is a temporary project that was created only to raise funds and close. The project should have a good history, and the team should have a good reputation. In this case, the app can be considered more reliable.

  • Real-time data.

Now fewer and fewer services and applications do not use real-time data tracking, because this is a very important aspect for working with cryptocurrencies. This is especially true for any cryptocurrency trading app, because to perform an operation, you need to know the one-second value of each currency. In the crypto world, the volatility of coins is so high that in a matter of moments their value can fall or increase by several percent. So tracking and displaying exchange rates in real time is not an advantage, but a prerequisite. Otherwise, there is no sense in such an app, with it you will only constantly lose your money.

In addition, there are many more recommendations, but they are mostly more narrowly focused, related to a specific app type and more to usability. Therefore, we recommend that you independently study the information about each application in more detail before downloading and using, compare several options to understand which one is right for you and always monitor the development of the development team. Since in case of stopping the development of the project, problems with legislative bodies, etc, it is better to react as quickly as possible in order to save your capital.

Pros and Cons of crypto apps

Smartphone capabilities are constantly expanding, and crypto apps are becoming more and more every day. This makes them more and more high-quality and affordable. However, it is worth figuring out what pros and cons crypto apps have.


  • Ease of access. You can log in and use the app at any time.
  • The latest information about changes in the crypto world is available to you instantly.
  • DeFi applications offer better investment options with much higher returns than standard tools.
  • Portfolio diversification.
  • The speed of transactions.


  • If you are just starting to understand cryptomeria and crypto exchanges, the apps may be a little difficult for you to use. However, you will easily find learning how to use a specific app.
  • Different apps at the same time can show different rates for the same cryptocurrency. This is due to the fact that volatility is really very high. And you need to carefully monitor the exchange rate at the time of trading or sending the currency.

Now let’s move on to the list of applications that, in our opinion, fall into the definition of “the best app for cryptocurrency”.

Our List of the best cryptocurrency app

To date, a huge number of crypto apps have been created and released to the market for different purposes and with different functionality. And every day their number increases, their quality improves, and opportunities expand. From all this variety, it is difficult to choose only a few of the highest quality, but we have tried and collected our personal recommendations for you, in which we are confident. All apps are available on 2 operating systems: iOS and Android.

If an app is not included in our list, it does not automatically mean that it is bad. If you have studied the information about the app, the team that developed it, their plan and you like how it works, keep using it.

So, what do we recommend to use:

Blockchain Wallet: the best cryptocurrency wallet app for beginners

This app is perfect for those who are just entering the crypto world and are not yet ready to understand complex apps and platforms. With it, you can easily store, buy and sell all the most popular cryptocurrencies. This is an app for On the website you can find all the information about the project, the development team.

You can also find all the data about how many people trust their product. The wallet is currently used by more than 77 million users. And during the existence of the app and the service, transactions worth more than $1T have been conducted in more than 200 countries.

Here you can buy or sell all the most popular and even many rare coins, and the list of tokens is constantly increasing. There are many important functions available in the app: the exchange of crypto coins, the purchase of cryptocurrency from your debit card. Using Blockchain Wallet is very simple — all actions are intuitive, there is nothing complicated and unnecessary.

Also you can not worry about the security of your capital. The blockchain uses 2FA, PIN protection and TOR blocking. In the complex, this is quite a serious protection — the main thing is that you also pay attention to the access data to the app.

In addition to the possibility of exchange, the function of storing Bitcoin and Ethereum with a bonus is available to users: you will receive up to 12% of the reward.

Coinbase: an exchange with great functionality

This is one of the most popular and proven exchanges and the best app to buy cryptocurrency. Also many experts and users recognize Coinbase as the best cryptocurrency exchange. The main reasons: a large set of products of the exchange, each of which works perfectly and provides an excellent service, as well as ease of use. Including the exchange’s applications are very popular. They allow you to store coins, pay electronic bills, and trade cryptocurrency. Coinbase is also investigating solutions not only for private users, but also for institutions.

Coinbase apps are distinguished by their simplicity. They are trusted by more than 68 million users in more than 100 countries around the world. In the app you can buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, BAT, USDT, Ripple and dozens of others.

Coinbase apps are easy to use and intuitive, making them a convenient choice for newcomers to cryptocurrency. Their dashboards provide quick access to your portfolio and allow you to track its growth over time. You can also use the Coinbase app to receive rewards and refunds for certain coins that you have.

Also in the app you can track the most current news of the sphere.

The best cryptocurrency exchange app is available on iOS and Android, moreover, they have high ratings from users of both operating systems.

BlockFi: Crypto Interest Account

If you want to earn income from storing cryptocurrencies, we recommend choosing this app. Most crypto industry experts agree with our choice and consider Blackfin the best platform for creating a crypto savings account, as it provides one of the highest returns. The percentage of accruals reaches up to 8% on your assets in cryptocurrency.

Storing Bitcoin and Ethereum can bring you about 4.0% per annum. At the same time, the storage of stable coins (for example, USD USD and PAX and others) brings interest of 7.5% per year. Why is their profitability higher? Since stable coins are backed by fiat currencies, which makes them less volatile.

Telegram: messenger and the best communication platform

Telegram is chosen and used by all crypto investors, entrepreneurs and traders in order to follow the news, exchange ideas and discuss changes in the crypto industry. It’s safe, convenient and anonymous. The possibilities of Telegrams are very large. Here you can create anonymous chats, create or join a group or channel about trading, currencies, as well as official communities of platforms or even tokens. In Telegram, you can create a bot that will be in touch with users, which is an excellent tool for crypto projects.

eToro: a convenient cryptocurrency broker

This is one of the most popular crypto apps worldwide and as we can say — the best Bitcoin trading app. It is more suitable for traders: who trade coins, and don’t store them. More than 20 million users have chosen it. And this number is getting bigger every day.

In addition to fast and convenient trading, the app has another advantage: an affordable opportunity to copy the strategies of professional traders.

Blockfolio: the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker

Today, manually analyzing your portfolio is very difficult and inefficient. Especially in the crypto world, since currency rates change constantly, their number is huge, and the value of coins is influenced by many factors that need to be constantly monitored. Therefore, it is much more convenient to use specialized services and apps.

Blockfolio is chosen by most investors and traders to track cryptocurrencies. Bonus: It is absolutely free.

In this app, you can track more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies. It is very convenient that the connection of the application to your favorite trading platforms is available here.

Gemini: the best app for buying cryptocurrency

Gemini crypto exchange is suitable for both beginners and experienced investors, as it has a user-friendly interface, and its functionality is very diverse.

An important advantage for those who are worried about the safety of their capital: Gemini users have access to insured wallets for storing tokens. This keeps the coins from being stolen. in

Nomics: for tracking digital market data

Some apps may provide incorrect information about exchange rates and currency liquidity. Nomics is an authoritative app that provides clear and transparent data on prices and liquidity for hundreds of assets and exchanges. Its API is integrated into cryptocurrency exchanges. This makes it possible to display data without distortion and in real time.

Exodus: a reliable software wallet

Another simple, clear, proven wallet that is suitable for safe storage of cryptocurrencies. You won’t have to figure out how it functions for a long time — the developers have done everything to make it convenient. The wallet supports 145 coins and also provides an opportunity to buy and sell tokens.

Voyager: an application for investing in cryptocurrencies

With this app, you will be able to invest in more than 60 of the most popular and promising cryptocurrencies. Here you can exchange coins, buy and sell.

You will like that when using Voyager, you do not pay a commission for the exchange, and you can also receive interest for storing assets.


A lot of good apps that have proven themselves have not been included in the list. However, this does not mean that they are bad or it is unsafe to use them.

There are many convenient and high-quality exchanges, wallets, apps to buy cryptocurrency and analytical apps that are safe to use. It is enough to conduct a minimal study of information about them, as well as read reviews and see ratings in the App Store or Google Play.

There are a lot of scammers in the crypto world, so it’s better to be careful when choosing a service or cryptocurrency trading app, but today there are a huge number of popular platforms that have proven their reliability.