Best Crypto Wallets for Siacoin in 2021

What is Siacoin cryptocurrency?

Where to store Siacoin?

What is a Sia wallet?

How to Choose a Sia wallet?

  • which type of wallet are you interested in
  • how many Siacoins you plan to store in your portfolio
  • how do you plan to use tokens in future
  • how much are you ready to spend on a wallet
  • do you prefer custodial or non-custodial wallets

List of five best Siacoin wallets


  • secure desktop wallet
  • works well with iOS devices
  • downloadable from the Sia website
  • created by the Sia team
  • Go to the Sia website
  • Download Sia.UI
  • Create a new wallet for coins with secure passcode for access

Sia Android

  • user-friendly interface
  • fast operation
  • used by many Siacoin users
  • Created for mobile
  • interacting with a platform through the re-enter module
  • running Sia node on your device
  • Access Google Playmarket
  • Download the app
  • Fire the app up and perform the sync
  • Create a wallet and set up a strong password

Siacoin cold storage

  • not connected to the network
  • free
  • easy to use

Ledger Nano S

Sia Central Lite Wallet

Final verdict on Sia wallets

  • If you consider Sia a long-term investment and plan to invest a sufficient amount of money there — use Ledger Nano S
  • If you’re buying Sia for transaction purposes and don’t plan to hold it for long — choose a mobile wallet
  • If you’re the one interested in other Sia services — use Sia.UI



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