Atypical Blockchains vs Hedera Hashgraph whats the difference

Blockchain vs Hedera Hashgraph

Blockchain: Limitations of Smart Contracts

What is Blockchain?

What is Hedera Hashgraph?

  • High scalability and speed — up to 500,000 transactions per second, and potentially up to a million. To date, the platform has reached more than 100 million transactions with the help of AdsDax. Hedera Hashgraph 100m is proof of the technology’s unique scalability and speed;
  • In a Hashgraph, the greater the number of network participants, the higher its throughput;
  • No need to perform complex and expensive calculations: 1 GB of memory is enough for transactions (after all, only transaction data is transmitted, not the entire network), and transactions are confirmed by several arbitrary participants-no need to use the entire network;
  • There is no mining and proof-of-work, which means that there is no competition between miners, artificial speed slowdown, and the need for expensive equipment;
  • Much less energy consumption (due to the lack of mining);
  • Virtually zero commission;
  • Resistant to DDoS attacks, botnets and firewalls;
  • The Hashgraph code is patented, which means that the project has greater legal stability.

How transactions are confirmed on Hedera Hashgraph

  1. Send your request to the node to verify and add the transaction to the network. The check is very fast. If the verification confirms that all the conditions are met correctly, you will receive a notification that gives 100% confidence to both parties of the transaction that it will soon be added to the network — that is, it will be completed.
  2. You can also wait for the receipt to be received. It comes to you after the operation is completed.

Hedera Hashgraph Cryptocurrency


Who invented Hashgraph?

What does Hedera Hashgraph do?

Can you invest in Hashgraph?



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