Algorand price prediction

Algorand (ALGO) history and basics

Algorand price predictions for 2020–2025

Specific feature of “pure” Proof of Stake

  • DPoS when the community chooses the validators and the “weight” of the vote is tied to the wallet balance. Then the selected nodes are engaged in confirming transactions and actually control the network;
  • BPoS (Bonded Proof of Stake) means that a certain deposit is frozen for a while, in case of violations by the validator it can be fined.

Other technologies and capabilities of ALGO are the following:

  • Solving the problem of information storage. As the size of the blockchain increases, storing the blocks will require more and more space. This problem is solved by Vault technology, which allows increasing the degree of scaling by connecting new users. They will need to download only part of all the information to their computer in order to be able to participate in the further creation and storage of blocks.
  • Pixel digital signatures. It is an attempt to increase throughput via new technologies. The system will be able to aggregate several digital signatures in one message and convert them into a more compact record of a given length. It will also protect earlier entries from signature forgery.
  • Self-verification of transactions. It is based on the division of information storage functions and its confirmation. Users will be able to check other transactions without having to dispose of a certain balance on their account.
  • Atomic swaps.



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