A step by step guide for joining Godex Affiliate Program

3 min readFeb 28, 2019


We are pleased to present you our brand new affiliate program, which allows you to profit with ease, constantly increasing your income. Just post our referral link or widget on a forum, blog, mobile app, or anywhere else, and earn revenue from each customer who clicks on this link. It is so simple!
This guide will show you how to register and get 0.005 BTC bonus.
You are welcome to join!

How to sign up for the Godex affiliate program?

Go to the affiliate program section clicking the button located in the header of the godex.io site or just click here.

You will get on the landing page where you should click ‘Try Now’ button.

After that, you need to store your generated unique Login (ID), specify your new Password that will be used to sign in later, and select ‘Next Step’.

Here you receive the unique SEED phrase which is used for confirming funds payouts and for the account access recovery.

Important: we recommend that you save and store your ID, Password and SEED phrase in a safe place. Do not disclose your registration data to anyone. This way you will avoid trouble when logging in to your personal account and withdrawing funds.

That’s it, after storing your SEED in a safe place, click ‘Sign Up’ and now you are ready to start earning.

And here’s your nice sign-up bonus — your balance has been credited with 0.005 Bitcoins!

How to get an affiliate link?

After the registration, you will be offered to create your first link in just three clicks. You can skip this tutorial and create your affiliate link later by clicking ‘Add Link’ button on your personal account page, on the ‘Referral transactions’ tab. You can create several links so you can track all income sources separately.

How do I withdraw earned funds?

First time you will be able to withdraw your earnings when your balance reaches the minimum amount of 0.015 BTC. For all next withdrawals, your balance only should be greater than the network fee (0.0001 BTC). You can see your current balance and affiliate transactions stats on the ‘Referral transactions’ tab.

To withdraw the earnings, you need to go to the “Withdrawal” section and enter the correct address in the “Payout BTC Address” field, enter desired amount and confirm the withdrawal with your SEED phrase.

You can change the confirmation method from SEED phrase to 2FA Verification Code. We highly recommend you to enable 2FA for your account in ‘Profile’ section, this will increase the security level of your account and the safety of earned funds.

Try Now and get 0.005 BTC